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A Woman Rides the Beast
by Dave Hunt
Dave Hunt's books provides compelling evidence for the role of the Roman Catholic Church in the last days. Many will be turned off from this book, believing such ambitious claims to be too malicious for todays increasingly ecumenical 'church'. However, the astute student of history and scripture will realize that the devil does indeed appear as an angel of light, recognizing that what we see today in the Roman Catholic Church is but a small snapshot of the 'historical church'. Anyone doubting the historical accuracy of this book should recognize that the sources and citations are taken almost _exclusively_ from Roman Catholic Historians.

The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church
by Marvin J. Rosenthal
From a respected missions director, this book offers a well reasoned but controversial look at the end times. If you question the traditional views of the Tribulation, this is a good book to read. Mr. Rosenthall holds to all of the fundamentals of the Christian faith, and even if you do not agree with all of his conclusions, you will learn a lot about what the Bible says about end time events.

Babylon Rising: The Secret on Ararat
by Tim Lahaye, Bob Phillips
Tim LaHaye, creator of the phenomenally successful Left Behind® books, continues his newest top-ten New York Times bestselling series: Babylon Rising. The heroic Michael Murphy—“cool, brainy, sexy, and valiant”—hurtles into his second whirlwind adventure in pursuit of Biblical artifacts.

Apocalypse Code
by Hal Lindsey
Anyone who has heard the terms "Apocalypse", "Rapture" or "Antichrist" but doesn't really know what they mean should own this book. Hal Lindsey is able to discuss and explain the Bible's Book of Revelations in a straightforward, easy to read manner. He takes the symbolic language of Revelations and demonstrates how they apply to the world today. Even experienced students of Bible prophecy will find new insights into the reasons for the current world state. DO NOT PASS UP THIS BOOK!!

Babylon Rising
by Tim Lahaye, Greg Dinallo
The novels in this new series are even faster-paced thrillers based on prophecies that are not covered in the Left Behind books and that have great relevance to the events of today.

Understanding the Last Days: The Keys to Unlocking Bible Prophecy
by Tim Lahaye
If you have ever wanted to come to your own understanding of Bible prophecy and current events but were unsure where to begin, Understanding the Last Days was written especially for you. In the straightforward, easy-to-follow guide, you'll discover the tools and knowledge that will help you accurately interpret biblical prophecy.

There's a New World Coming: An In-Depth Analysis of the Book of Revelation
by Hal Lindsey
Throughout the centuries, many people have sought to predict the course of human events. But none have compared to the incredible accuracy of the ancient Hebrew prophets. The time has come for us to wake up and realize where we are on God’s timetable. These predicted calamities aren’t going to happen to just anybody. They may well happen to your closest friends, or children, or family, or—you!

Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity
by David Limbaugh
In this New York Times bestseller, David Limbaugh exposes the liberal hypocrisy of promoting political correctness while discriminating against Christianity. From the elimination of school prayer to the eradication of the story of Christianity in America from history text-books, this persuasive book shows that our social engineers inculcate hostility toward Christianity and its values in the name of "diversity," "tolerance," and "multiculturalism."

Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos
by Texe Marrs
Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos reveals the horrifying truth about a monumental plot to starve Americans and the people of the world into submission. The coming great hunger will come upon us suddenly, at an instant, astonishing all with its ferocity and total devastation. The book of Revelation warns of deadly famine and pestilence to overtake the world in the last days. We now face the ominous reality of mass suffering and death. It will be hell on Earth, a fierce and brutal time of utter misery and despair. In this stunning investigative report, Texe Marrs reveals how these incredible prophecies are quickly coming to pass.

Counterfeit Revival
by Hank Hanegraaff
Hank Hanegraaff documents the danger of looking for God in all the wrong places and goes behind the scenes into the wildly popular and bizarre world of contemporary revivalism. Hanegraaff masterfully exposes the stark contrast between these deeds of the flesh and a genuine work of the Spirit by contrasting modern "revivals" with the scriptural examples of God's movement among His people.

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