The End of Abortion

Legalized abortion on demand will end ...someday.

Pro-Life supporters can be encouraged because they stand on the high moral ground. No abomination has withstood time. Eventually, all evil practices subside and the better part of humanity prevails. The vast majority of the American people know in their hearts that abortion is wrong and only need the right amount of motivation to admit it. Recently these pro-abortion folks have been in the uncomfortable position of defending a wiggling, squirming child three-fourths of the way outside of the womb being killed by sucking its brains out. As they have done that, more and more Americans are confronted with the truth behind abortion. With partial-birth abortion, for example, they can't hide the baby.

Many have been mislead by radical feminists and whipped up into a "rights" frenzy to the point of confusion. But, the day will come that nearly all Americans will no longer be confused and will understand the truth about this holocaust and will demand an end to it.

In the days and years following the Roe v. Wade decision that made abortion legal in the United States, a primary argument of the pro-abortion supporters was that the baby in the mothers womb was nothing more than a "blob of tissue." Eventually they conceded that this blob of tissue was a "potential human." Today, you don't hear that argument much because they know the truth: it's a baby.

Rather than admit that fact, they have simply shifted their arguments to one of "rights." You've heard it: "The 'Right' to Choose."

It's a similar argument to that put forward by slave-holders or more recently in Nazi Germany by a people who believed they were a superior race. The argument will be popular for a time while selfish humans bask in their self-importance. But, the tyranny of "choice" will lead to unspeakable horrors including, but not necessarily limited to: infanticide, suicide, mercy-killing, and cold blooded murder. Eventually, life will again become preferred over death and people will again cry out to be delivered from the pit they've dug for themselves.

The original plaintiffs in the court cases establishing abortion rights have switched sides. Medical schools are refusing to teach abortion to young doctors and there is a growing number of doctors who do not want to have anything to do with abortion.

One reason for a shift towards life is that young people are rejecting the ways of their baby-boomer parents with their permissiveness, hedonism, divorce, secularism, liberalism and materialism. Another reason is because the majority of Americans are pro-life, even though they may not articulate it. They are part of what Spiro Agnew called the "silent majority." But, like the anti-slavery movement in the 1850s, these people will eventually elect a pro-life President and pro-life Congress who will banish the ugly practice of abortion.

Christians can be encouraged because not only do they stand on the high moral ground, but they stand upon the Rock on which all things are subject to. Jesus Christ will not allow this abomination to continue forever. He will either bring revival to our land and turn the hearts of the fathers back to their children or He will suddenly appear in the clouds to judge the living and the dead.

In the meantime, babies are dying.

Reason ... Compassion ... Love ... That can be our common ground as we seek to connect with those who identify themselves as "pro-choice."

Pro-choicer's are generally reasonable when they're not being influenced by the radical feminists - they know it's a baby. They're compassionate when faced with crisis or are left alone to make their own decisions free from peer-pressure - they're not murderers. And they are capable of love when they look beyond themselves to something greater - they too were created in the image of God.

As for the radical feminist leaders of this culture of death ... they are following their leader, Satan, the father of lies. There is no common ground for them and it is unlikely anyone can connect with them in their present state. But, we can pray for them and ask God to deliver them from Satan's grip.

Each of us have a voice in this life and death struggle. We can choose to cower in a corner out of fear or insecurity and remain silent or we can make our voice heard above the crowd as we proclaim "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" for all.

Reason, compassion and love demand that we uphold the rights of the defenseless and save as many babies as we can. No, we can't save them all - but we can save a few. And who knows, maybe that one we do save will turn out to be that great Spirit-filled leader who will turn this country back onto the right path.

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Reader comments...
"I am so happy to see some one who has the truth and is not afraid to speak it. What a blessing to see fith as mine. So few people today accept the word of GOD. What a shame. We are living in a time where there is no morals. From our president down to the people we are living in a baptism of filth. With a people who deny God and his word. God will not be mocked. He will bring judgment on this nation soon,only the elect will stand. Are the watchman all sleeping? America needs to repent now!!!! "