A Survey of Teen Violence

The violence in our schools is not surprising as we see the spirit of lawlessness breaking out across America! It is the result of the seeds godless liberals have sown for years.

Every day in America, 13 children under the age of 20 are murdered, according to the Children's Defense Fund. It is evidence of what Princeton professor John J. DiIulio Jr. has suggested about a "rising tide of super-predators."

Studies made in previous years predicted that by 1998, America would see a dramatic increase in crimes committed by juveniles.

Well foks, we're beginning to see it!

Teenagers have lost all respect for authority - they are becoming hard-hearted, sensual and violent. And, they are documenting their own violence with cell phone cameras and posting the results on YouTube. While FBI reports indicate that violent crime has dropped 4 percent, juvenile crime has risen. "The increases in violence we're observing are among very young people and they are very dramatic," said Glenn Pierce, the director of Northeastern's Center for Applied Social Research. In 1996, nearly 93,000 juveniles were charged in violent crimes -- a number 60 percent higher than a decade ago. In 1996 alone, more than 2,000 juveniles were charged with murder.

The Washington Post concluded, "While the severity of actions range from simple cheating at school to pushing drugs, to cold-blooded murders ... the depth of the problem has reached a point where common decency can no longer be described as common. Somewhere, somehow ... the traditional value system got disconnected for a disturbing number of America's next generation."

Twenty percent of suburban high schoolers surveyed by Tulane University researchers thought it was appropriate to shoot someone "who has stolen something from you." Eight percent believed it is all right to shoot a person who had "done something to offend or insult you."

Time magazine called it a "deadly love affair," while Newsweek said it was a "virtual epidemic" sweeping our nation. They are talking about young people and guns, and this is one of the deadliest trends in America today. In 2007, the Justice Department has issued reports showing that each day more than a hundred thousand children come to school with guns and knives. A University of Michigan study reports that 9 percent of eighth-graders carry a gun, knife or club to school at least once a month. In all, an estimated 270,000 guns go to school every day. U.S. News and World Report estimated that there are more than three million crimes committed in the public schools every year. That amounts to more than seventeen thousand crimes every single day. There are two thousand cases each month where teachers are assaulted or raped.

What kind of despair drives children to this kind of violence?

Newsweek devoted its January 10, 1994 cover story to the disturbing topic "Growing Up Scared: How Our Kids Are Robbed of Their Childhood." In graphic terms, the article described the violent environment in which this generation of children is being raised. Some of them live in a combat zone. A child is 15 times more likely to be shot in the United States than in Northern Ireland. More American children are shot per year than are police officers. Parents in some inner-city neighborhoods make their kids sleep in bathtubs to protect them from stray bullets crashing through the walls. Some mothers keep short leashes on their little ones when walking through malls to protect them from potential molesters. Instruction is given to wide-eyed preschoolers on how to scream when approached by a stranger, and how to report unwelcome touches. Many children spend their after-school hours behind bolted doors and barred windows.

Riddled with gang violence, many of our inner cities have become powder kegs portending future collapse. Today, young people think about death and dying more than any other subject. In fact, surveys indicate they think about death even more than they think about the opposite sex. The demise of the traditional family and absence of religion have combined to create a culture of children who are morally retarded. In the wake of this, our Politically Correct society offers young people no consistent arguments against violence.

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