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The Deteriorating American Educational System

Our schools are another consciously constructed battleground in the war over which values our society will embrace as a standard or whether we will hold to any values or standards at all. And, the same industrial robber barons and financial giants of the early 20th century, including Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, and Morgan, and promoted by the politicians under their influence, including Woodrow Wilson, who, years before coming into office as President of the United States, delivered a lecture on “The Meaning of a Liberal Education” where he stated:

“We want one class of persons to have a liberal education, and we want another class of persons, a very much larger class of necessity in every society, to forgo the privilege of a liberal education and fit themselves to perform specific difficult manual tasks.”

George Carlin explains the educational system;
who owns and controls it. (Strong language)

Public education was originally a product of the Protestant Reformation. The Reformers recognized that if their movement was to survive and flourish, widespread Biblical literacy, at all levels of society, was absolutely necessary. The Puritans brought this commitment to Biblical literacy with them across the Atlantic.

The first law mandating public education in America was passed in 1647 in the Massachusetts Bay and Connecticut colonies. It was called The Old Deluder Satan Act because it began with these words: "It being the one chief project of that old deluder Satan, to keep men from the knowledge of the Scriptures..." Common schools were established to thwart Satan's success.

Traditional forms of instruction in America once had three specific purposes:

  1. To make good people
  2. To make good citizens
  3. And to make each student find some particular talents to develop to the maximum.

    Slowly but continuously after 1890, a different purpose, a "fourth" purpose, began to emerge that squeezed the traditional three to the margins of schooling.

  4. The fourth purpose of school in America was to create an obedient servant class of corporate and political management.
Another Brick in the Wall

Collectivists have long recognized that the way to alter the course of a nation is to gain control of the classroom, and use it as a platform to indoctrinate the next generation. Over the past century the public school arena has become an impersonal place where children are only viewed as "human resources" to be molded and shaped into something called "the workplace". 

In order to effectively indoctrinate students and create the standardized customer and employee needed by big business, the first thing that had to be de-emphasized was "critical thinking."  Thus, instead of being taught how to learn (classical liberal arts education), our educational system teaches what to learn (outcomes based learning).  And, that "what" is defined by corporations who want compliant standardized workers and predictable gullible consumers of worthless junk.  We are expected to accept whatever they tell us instead of thinking for ourselves.

Progressives cannot keep their hands off our children -- or, more correctly, the billions of tax dollars our children generate for them. Gross signs of public school deterioration is clearly seen around us, and despite this knowledge by leftist academia, still they refuse to admit that our schools are being destroyed by their own hands.

The inclusion of Christian principles in public education faded gradually over the years to to efforts of secular and religious liberals to remove Christ from the classroom. In 1962 the U.S. Supreme Court rejected 200 years of legal precedence and banned prayer from schools.

With Christianity forced from schools, Secular Humanism became the established religion of public education. The impact on curriculum was immediate and overwhelming Schools once again became places of intense religious indoctrination. But this religion was committed to the destruction of Christian influence.

The Scientific Destruction of Minds

Social Engineering 101

Charlotte Iserbyt breaks down how conditioning/training under a corporate agenda has replaced traditional education, leading to a deliberate dumbing down of Americans. Iserbyt further explains how Reagan signed agreements merging the U.S. and Soviet systems under the United Nations banner, turning over education and many other areas of public policy to global control.

Over the past 30 some years, the health of public education in America has been deteriorating. The viruses attacking the system include tenure policies that make it almost impossible to get rid of mediocre teachers; bureaucracies that are administratively top-heavy; school boards constituted of wannabe politicians who want to be reelected (and are therefore reluctant to rock the boat); an increasing emphasis on social-engineering experiments at the expense of academics, the introduction - and subsequent failure - of one educational "reform" after another, thus transforming public schools into laboratories and children into guinea pigs; the institutionalized pampering of undisciplined students; and a pseudo-educations rhetoric created from the whole cloth of "self-esteem."

Outcome Based Education

A cornerstone concept of the Humanist approach is the teaching of situational ethics. This concept is taught under deceptive labels like "values clarification," "critical thinking," "problem-solving skills," and "decision-making skills." From kindergarten through graduation, children are taught a "process" to examine values - free from parental guidance and religious teachings.

While claiming to teach independent thinking, in reality thinking skills development is done in groups with decisions determined by what would be best for the group as a whole. Compromise or consensus building is the goal. The programs drive a wedge between parent and child while elevating the importance of peer opinion.

Bill Clinton signed the Goals 2000 law on March 31, 1994, creating new education bureaucracies and facilitating federal control of local education institutions.

  • Outcome based education.
  • No competition allowed. Too harmful to kids psyches.
  • Children not graded on academic achievement, but on effort.
  • Peer pressure used to keep individualism out of the classroom
  • Children are being taught there are no absolutes, that fact is nothing more than someone's opinion.
  • Families being coerced into divulging personal family data under penalty of being uncooperative with the school.
  • More and more underminine of parental authority... abortions-okay... body piercing-okay. When teachers discover parents have punished a child they are reported to child protective agencies or the police.

Americans Go To War for Their Schools

In contrast to this government run educational bureaucracy, Republicans generally want to return control to parents, teachers, local school boards and, through them, to communities and local taxpayers.

In 2002 President George W. Bush signed into law the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 which essentially deauthorized and defunded Goals 2000.  The Act requires states to develop assessments in basic skills. To receive federal school funding, states must give these state-wide standardized tests to all students at select grade levels. This means that all students take the same test under the same conditions.

Common Core

The next logical step in their agenda is the full-scale implementation of Common Core, with its rote memorization and endless standardized testing, the introduction of biosensors and other devices into the classroom to monitor students’ behavior, the prolongation of childhood and arbitrary grouping of individuals by age, the unquestioning obedience to authority that is inherent in the classroom dynamic, the training for the workforce implicit in the segregation of tasks into arbitrary work periods, and the Pavlovian conditioning of the bell.

Opposing school-choice initiatives

At the center of all that afflicts our schools is a denial by Collectivists of free choice and their opposition of any legislation that would give parents greater opportunity to choose private over government education for their children.  Democrats resort to false charges about the Republican record on education because they have no new ideas about how to improve our children's schools. Even if they did, they wouldn't dare say so for fear of angering one of their Party's largest contributors -- the National Education Association (NEA). Bill Clinton said it best himself: "I won't [make] any education decisions that you're not a part of making. I won't forget the people that brought me to the White House" (Bill Clinton, NEA PAC meeting, 12/12/91).

Progressives are not committed to education, but rather are committed to more government spending on more collectivist programs with more control of education being vested in the federal government. Quite simply, the Democrats in Congress do not want you to have choices in your childrens' education.

School choice is not only popular among parents, it is successful in providing children a better education

  • According to a Gallup poll conducted May 1996, nearly half of parents with children in public schools think government should provide funds for students to attend private school.
  • Cleveland, Ohio's program to allow children from lower-income homes to attend private, religious schools through state vouchers worth $2,250 a year exceeded expectations. More than 6,000 families applied for only 2,000 available vouchers, and one mother said the program came none too soon for her child: "The situation in the public schools is so scary sometimes, I really don't have the trust to send my baby there. But I didn't know what else to do until this idea." (The Washington Post, 9/10/96)
  • A study conducted by Harvard University and the University of Houston found students participating in a Milwaukee, Wisconsin school choice program scored 12 percent higher in math skills and 5 percent higher in reading skills than similar children attending the city's public schools (NBC Nightly News, 9/3/96).

Democrats pretty consistently support keeping federal control via U.S. Department of Education and are strong defenders of the NEA and teacher's unions who are controlling and narrow special interest groups. These socialist groups want more kids in public schools as they sees public schools as vital to creating "the village of America." Why do you suppose they would take such a position? The answer is money for campaigns.

  • The more kids there are in public schools, the more teachers who will be in public schools.
  • The more teachers there are the more money the teachers union gets. The higher their wages, the more the union gets.
  • The more immigrant children there are... the more higher paid bilingual teachers there are... more money goes to unions.
  • The more money the unions get, the more money goes into the Democratic election funds.

More than a decade ago, Dr. George Roche foresaw what loomed on the horizon in the area of education, but so far his warnings have likewise been ignored. In 1985 he wrote: "I have become increasingly more convinced that federal efforts to intervene in the workings of the nation's school systems are ill-advised, wasteful, and counter-productive...[they are] part of the problems plaguing America's educational systems, rather than part of the solution. The federal education bureaucracy...has become the captive of misguided and misinformed "educationists" who have sacrificed traditional instruction in the "three R's" and respect for Western cultural heritage in favor of pop-psychology and behavior modification as the goals of schooling... Increasingly over the last few decades, the education bureaucracy has come to believe that they, not parents, know best how to educate America's children. They have come to see themselves as "change agents" whose mission is to reform outmoded notions children have picked up from their parents and substitute instead a new system of values...And this questionable enterprise has been fostered and financed by the federal education establishment."

Today, a godless education system that promotes homosexuality, condom distribution, abortion rights and evolution - while outlawing any mention of God - is taking charge of our children's "character development."

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