Trashing America
Trashed America  

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Deteriorating American Educational System Destroying Health Care in America Taxes and the New World Order Gun Control and the Second Amendment Devaluation of Life

Faces of Evil

These are the faces that will burn an indelible stain on history of oppression, lies, and crimes against humanity.

Richard NixonJoseph StalinBill ClintonMao ZedongGeorge BushAdolph HitlerBarack Obama
Bin LadenSaddam HusainFrancisco FrancoArafat
CastroJoe BidenAyman_al-ZawahiriHenry KissingerGorbechevAl GoreKarl Marx
Dick CheneyTom RidgeHenry PaulsonPaul VolckerBen BernankeAlan GreenspanTimothy GeithnerRobert Reich
Donald RumsfeldRahm EmanuelQueen Elizabeth IIHillary ClintonDianne_FeinsteinKim GandyBarbara BoxerNancy_Pelosi
EldersMadeline AlbrightJanet RenoMargaret SangerRobert MalthusSeung-Hui ChoGeorge Tiller
Dennis RaderGeorge Soros photo by Harald DettenbornLouis FarrakhanCharles_SchumerEliot SpitzerJesse JacksonCharles DarwinAl Sharpton
CisnerosLeon PanettaRaul GrijalvaKathleen SebeliusJohn KerryTed KennedyTom DaschleRobert RubinBarney Frank
Maxine WatersZbigniew BrzezinskiBernie SandersHarry_ReidCharlie_RangelCarol BrownerLawrence SummersEric HolderAnthony Kennedy
James CarvilleMohammed Saeed al-SahafGoebbelsDan RatherRobert GibbsGeorge StephanopoulosVan Jones
David GergenBill_KristolKarl RoveBarbara WaltersBarbara StreisandAndrea MitchellLesley StahlRachel MaddowPaul Begala

When will we ever learn and put a stop to this madness?

American politics is no longer about Democrats, Republicans, or Independents ...
It's not a fight between the Liberal Left and the Christian Right ...
It is about WHAT America is.

It's a war of competing ideas and worldviews. It's a conflict over beliefs and values, over the ideas that will rule society. It's about whether certain individuals are above the law or are all Americans equal under the law. It's about truth... or is truth even important? It's about the direction we want this country to go in the future. It's about the world we leave for our children. It's about what god we acknowledge or whether we acknowledge any god at all. It's about the same struggle man has gone through since the beginning of time, the struggle between good and evil.

Devaluation of Life
America's Godly Heritage
The Separation of Church and State
Religious Discrimination
Your money, my money, their money
Gun Control


Destroying America
The Homosexualization of America
They Want Your Children!
The Feminist Movement
The New Age/Environmental Gospel
9/11 Remembered

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Trashed America

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