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Teaching Homosexuality in Public Schools


By Vic Bilson
Jeremiah Project

Another part of the political agenda of the homosexual movement is the ability to teach homosexuality in public schools, the ability to get a license from the state to marry, to adopt children, and to be counselors of youth groups.

  • Among the demands put forth by organizers of the "March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay, and Bi[sexual] Rights and Liberation" was a homosexual "civil rights" law that includes provisons for transvestite and gay curricula in schools.
  • The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Teachers Network (GLSTN), headquartered in New York City, is working - quite successfully - to influence policy in public and private educational circles. Boasting over 40 chapters nationwide and a membership of 4,000, GLSTN is comprised of teachers, students and parents.
    • GLSTN sponsors several programs aimed at reaching youth with a pro-gay message. GLSTN's in-school programming includes "curriculum development such as a Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual History Project and support programs such as Gay-Straight Student Alliances."
    • At the beginning of each school year, GLSTN sponsors its "Back-to-School Campaign," which encourages "lesbian/gay/bisexual adults and their allies [to] mount a major education campaign through letters back to their former schools... to change the 'hearts and minds' of [the] leaders who control our schools."
    • Additionally, GLSTN uses videos to reach teachers and school administrators with its message. It has been responsible for the wide circulation of two videos, "Teaching Respect For All" and "It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in School". "It's Elementary", a feature-length documentary, attempts to make a compelling case for including gay issues as part of "multicultural" education. This video serves as "a window into how teachers can find ways to teach children about gay issues," particularly in elementary - and middle-school classrooms.
  • In Provincetown, Mass., the school board has voted to begin teaching preschoolers about homosexual lifestyles and to back hiring preferences for "sexual minorities." Susan Fleming, superintendent of Provincetown schools, said "The whole question is making gays and lesbians, whether through visuals or examples or acknowledging different family structures, ... visible."

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The Christian position is clear: Homosexuality is an abomination, and we do not teach "tolerance" of a perverse criminal behavior, any more than we would teach "tolerance" of child abuse, pedophilia, rape, murder, cocaine dealing or embezzlement. While Christians may hate the sin... they continue to love the sinner and offer a message of hope for a healthier lifestyle.

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