The Cost of Following Jesus — 2 Comments

  1. I came by this web site by accident. God is has been preparing me for the past two years since my death in a falling mishap. I am praying about this every day and God is now bring forth the needs I will need to survie each day. I will be walking away from material things and my life to “Bicycle Across america for God”. within the next couple months. Please pray for me that I do what God wants me to do.

    If you want more details about this plaese email me asking for more details.


  2. Very good post. There is a lot of truth here. We have found many people choose not to throw their whole weight on Jesus for all the reasons mentioned. What we learned in our journey of giving up all is that these reasons boil down to one key point. It is mentioned in this line, “It’s a life of evangelism and sacrifice of self.” Self is the sole reason many choose not to give up ALL for Jesus. It is very sad but very true. Once one begins to be obedient to following Jesus they will inevitably be lead into a wilderness where their self nature will be exposed and they will have to choose if they want to continue giving up all or return back to where they came from. Not an easy choice. At the lowest point in our journey we had to keep going. Who else is there to turn to but Jesus? Since when has the world, family, friends, or satan himself ever been able to give us internal peace and joy like Jesus does? Who else has the power to deliver us when we are hungry, homeless and alone but Jesus? You are so right that it is loving obedience that compels us. Only His love for us, and His power to keep us in perfect peace despite the storms of life, can truly compel us to give up ALL to follow Him.

    Homer Les

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