The Impact of Feminism on the Family — 2 Comments

  1. I stopped reading a son as I got to the phrase “abandoned housewife”. 70% of divorces are initiated by women. The phrase “abandoned housewife”wrongly impress that it is the men that are leaving. Abandoned fathers would be more accurate. It was the second red flag I got reading your article. The picture of divorce should only have ripped dad or of the picture, overwhelming dad is the one removed.

    • If this was a 100 years back with our traditional values, your statement would be a 100% correct.
      In this era of Equality now, Women have a more egalitarian perspective,
      Now that is an argument in itself, She is working and contributing to the table as well from an economic perspective, but then again why is she working? Is the husband not working? Or is it not sufficient to feed the family?
      Situations like these are based on various factors and differs, not from society to society, but family to family. If she HAS to give second importance to her household duties and work a job to feed the family, It s her right to expect the Husband to contribute in the household work. But then again one needs to clarify exactly why she forces herself to work an income related job.

      It is these factors that contribute to 90% of Divorces.
      The Husband’s unwillingness to conform to the changing society and his stubbornness in leaving traditions of Male Dominance.

      Other than that, Maybe the sex wasn’t good