The Compromised Church — 2 Comments

  1. I read my Bible daily, and each time I am more n more fascinated. I like going right to the source (Jesus), like you wrote, instead of some yayhoo,sugar coating pastor. I have never seen the word Catholic, methodist, presbyterian, mormon,etc.,in the bible.I think most are just a form of modern day pharisees. But even worse than the original religious leaders who rejected Christ, these modern day religious leaders use His name for their own benefit, and not for His glory. The word church is a people in Christ I thought, at least That is what I understand it to mean in the bible. The word Christian was coined by the Greeks,meaning believers, in Antioch when Paul and Barnabas went there.Today the word Christian seems to mean (a self righteous cult,who are above and better than others).I feel these so called Christians actually push people away from Christ. Today church seems to mean a building,which to me, turns it into a business instead. Goodness gracious,how man can really mess things up. Another thing,, Jesus even had Peter go pay taxes for themselves, so why don’t these businesses acting as a religion pay taxes? I believe who ever is against religion actually stands with Christ. To me, religion is a man made act that contradicts God. I
    would like to see every building called a church, be sold,and the money go to feed and house the poor. Not one person would starve ever again. That would seem to resemble the Church as Jesus intended.I guess I just have a hard time with how satan influenced the human race, and what they turned the true church into. Scripture of Jesus with the samaritan woman at the well, and Jesus telling the rich man to sell all, give to the poor, and follow Him are mostly what compelled me to express my feelings. I don’t mean to seem so harsh,,It’s just been on my mind and frustrating me lately, and coming across your site, made me want to speak out. I have only read a few your pages so far, I really like what you’re saying, and will continue reading.

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