Seven Major Teachings of the New Age — 18 Comments

  1. So than, how do we define love? How do we define fear? If all our defines are man made realities than who speaks truth? You see the world. Take all the religions or non religions and all the gods or God and stand them next to one another. Which one is truth? What writing’s stand up to the test of time. Which pages were written thousands of years ago, before we even exist, or did we always exist, according to some, that are happening before our very eyes today for all to see? If we in all our different views and beliefs in what we believe is god or God or the Christ or Jesus Christ. If we stood them up against eachother, which would fall and which would still be standing? For with our measure of faith, we all believe in something or someone. Again, I ask what god or God would still be standing? Who said that there would be evil in the world? Is there? If we can’t see it than we are truly blind. Who is that God who has given man power over all evil? Is it what best fits our conscience? Would we all want to see what we as individuals believe is love? If the word “love” itself was defined by man than what makes us believe it exist? We are living in a time of truth. What is so interesting is that every book of whatever religion or faith we seem to inherit, has been taken in some form from one book. The book we call the bible. We change a word or sentence to fit our faith, our conscience and make it fit or that works for us and our mindset.Again, I ask. Which of these books or gods have shown themselves true to the happenings of today?

  2. The definition of “universe” seems to be fluid. If one defines it as all inclusive, meaning that it includes whatever the “expanding stuff” is expanding into, then it has no measurable dimensions. Everything we see or experience can only be measured with respect to other things we see or experience.

    The entire religion of multiple universes likewise suffers from definitional flaws. Suppose there are three “parallel” universes. If the existence of anything within one universe is even “confidently believed in”, let alone seen or experienced, in one of the other two universes, then isn’t that thing also part of the first universe? Hence, all things of any other “parallel” universe – even merely CONCEIVED universes – are all contained within a bigger box, the TRUE universe.

    My definition of universe is bigger than the definition of most of you, I suppose. You all ought to come up with new terms. Just as a planet exists within a solar system, and a solar system exists within a galaxy, which in turn exists within a supercluster, etc, WHATEVER structure y’all discuss which exists separate from some “parallel” universe is but a smaller part of some larger structure. That structure which contains it all is “my” universe.

    There is space out there we will never and can never see. At the limit of what we can conceivably see is a new viewing point, out beyond which is a whole new arena of visible space, space not visible from one’s original starting point. How far away is the horizon of that arena relative to the original starting point? And when you make this imaginary trek infinite times, do you come to a wall?

    The true universe has no overall dimension.

    Treks such as the imaginary one I described can be facilitated with imaginary relativity games, going near or at the speed of light, but that in turn distorts the dimension of time involved.

    The relationships between space, time and our consciousness create illusions of things you can measure on a grand scale. Gonads. It’s but another description of the elephant by but another blind person. We can but imagine what the true whole thing, the complete elephant, the true universe, looks like.

  3. After reading the comments from New Agers, Romans 8:24-30 is all the more convincingly True; and Matthew 15:24
    But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel”; New Agers just hijacked the ‘parts they want to hear , and decide to ignore what they don’t like” (not far removed from ‘liberalism’…so called – there is a parallel between liberalism, New Age ‘teachings’, and much in Catholicisms, that being ‘gnosticism’. It’s all of ‘The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil’.. ‘You will be as gods, or ‘You will be as God is”…in the end it’s all the same things: “behold, I am my own savior!” ..’You have eaten the fruit of deception (lies” !”…(Hosea).

  4. Everything here posted by Christians is fear-based. “You were warned.” Especially you. Mr. Greene. I grew up in Christianity. People had no open minds, never a thought that the bible is not the word of our Creator. It is a book written by man and today’s versions don’t resemble the originals at all. Yet you proclaim them truth. Do as you will, but don’t tell others they are wrong. You have not looked within to find the truths you were born with. You have been indoctrinated–brainwashed. Nothing to be proud of. I left the Christian cult. I see today so many people who claim to love Jesus are the most hateful, disingenuous people alive. They boast and have huge egos because they think they alone have the Truth. But you don’t. I left that hypocritical mess and have never been happier. No one brainwashed me. I was open to ideas from my Creator. Satan and hell were invented to scare people like you. And it worked. I know better, but can respect that you believe all that. You need to respect other people. You are being a super hypocrite, not a voice of love. And that is where Christianity has gone down a very dark path. It’s all about love. Not punishment. We reap what we sow. I hope you become more enlightened as you grow older, hopefully wiser. And one more thing. People often ask me to their churches. I tell them I left the religion. They can’t believe it because they say, “But you are like Jesus, kind and loving. How can you not be Christian?” If you choose Christianity, I hope you choose love and not fear.

    • I’ll say you are wrong because you ARE WRONG. And The LORD Jesus Christ is The TRUTH unless you want to Call God a liar. Because a person is stating a FACT does not make them wrong. Talk about being hypocritical ..what makes you any different? “It’s all about Love”..and who said so? Where did you make that up from? Where did the concept come from? Everything is ‘fear based’? Since when? The only person that has to be in Fear is That which is Evil, unholy, and unrighteous, which is everyone in the entire world, which is why Jesus The Crhist is the Savior well foretold all the way back to the book of Genesis and foreshadowed all through the entire Old Testament writings of the Jews and Hebrews. Even Abraham, just as Jesus who is GOD stated: “Abraham waited to See My Day, he saw it and was glad”…. you left the religion but you never left ‘god’ because you never knew him. You state you ‘left the religion:?

      1 John 2:19 18 Children, it is the last hour; and just as you have heard that the antichrist is coming,
      so now many antichrists have appeared.

      This is how we know it is the last hour. hey went out from us,
      but they did not really belong to us.

      For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us;
      but their going showed that none of them belonged to us.

      2 John 1:7
      For many deceivers have gone out into the world
      , refusing to confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh.
      Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist.

      Acts 20:30
      Even from your own number,
      men will rise up and distort the truth
      to draw away disciples after them.

      Psalm 37:28
      For the LORD loved judgment, and forsaked not his saints;
      they are preserved for ever:
      but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off.

      • Very well said Steve! God said it and it’s recorded in scriptures. People will miss God because of this lie that God is a gentle God of love who will not punish sin. Psalm 37:28
        For the LORD loved judgment, and forsaked not his saints;
        they are preserved for ever: but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off.
        It’s either you’re for God or you’re against Him, there’s no in between. If you’re for God you call sin what it is- sin because that’s exactly what God is doing. Our sins are being judged daily.

  5. New Agers do not want to have or believe in a conscience of Sin. This is the biggest Lie served on a platter. Sin is the Transgression of the Law and Jesus Christ was the Sacrificial Lamb who was slain before the foundations of the Earth for the sins of mankind.
    What is the lifestyle of many of these New Age people. Drugs/Scorcery, unhibited sexual relations with whom they desire and so forth. Most Newage Sewagers have a Guru and drink their cool aide which leads to their destruction.

  6. If the doctrine of Jesus according to the bible didn’t instill fear and force a culture that contravenes our own culture in the name of going to hell.

    If it wasn’t dogmatic and promotes growth I’d actually believe that its worth the title of true doctrine.

    The bible promotes slavery, and wrong doing by authorities, homophobia, violence. And teaches people that by rejecting Jesus there will be eternal punishment by the Christian God who is holly.

    God has no religion that’s why we have to forget religious dogma and focus on salvation which never comes by accepting some fictitious figure but by realizing our true nature and connectedness in God.

    Love and compassion will make this world a better place than what religion does to humanity.

  7. The Time is Near when Evil shall Fear the wrath of the Lord who’s Word is a 2 Edged Soward. The Hearts of many shall was Colder than ice but the Wicked to God shall be like Dead Mice!!!!!!!!!

  8. You can’t fight what you can’t see, you can’t defeat what you don’t know, but the Time will come when the Wicked reaps what they S O W E D!!!! !!!

  9. Humans came into this world with Nothing, and they will go out of this World with Nothing, but whosoever had not God or Christ before they died was Nothing as well as their once lived life’s.

  10. Jesus said that “he is the way, the truth and the life and NO MAN comes to the Father except through Him” People like New Age followers invent belief systems that are persuasive and easy to follow, like the hippies of the 60’s.. love.. love and more love. Why ?, because mankind will always look for an easy way out. The Bible isn’t a book of rules and regulations, it’s a book filled with Grace of Christ and people don’t get it and so the next best thing is to object and fight against it by creating other forms of beliefs. Example, if the Atheist doesn’t believe in God why spend your every breath denying the existence of God???… Spiritualism , it’s easier to believe and pour millions of dollars into someone else’s discovery of science, self existence mutating into an objective which will ultimately will never be achieved.

  11. Change is the only constant. Grow up my brother. We have been fooled enough by the church fathers and many of them have decided for once to say the truth. No religion owns God. If is all about deceit that was why it was forced down our psych through bloody wars crusade and jihads. Nonsense.

    • I totally agree with you we all know the origin of Christianity and the division our creates and how strips us off all our spiritual nature form traditional knowledge. The bible doesn’t reveal the advancement of our souls towards growing beyond the lies forced through generations. The holly bible doesn’t allow for question or addition or even proof because its not factual in more ways Tha one.

  12. The basic concept of life Has not changed time is a mysterious phenomena God is not new or old
    New age is rubbish Philosophy

  13. My experience of life, I’m deaf that can’t hear another world of people talk. I do myself. See the world what I believe as many gods everywhere. Not Christ or other God Leaders and Bible. I grew up when I worshiped to SUN, MOON, STARS and much more. I do believe Sun of God, Moon of Goddess and much more. The spirit inside of me. I do believe everyone is GOD. I try to write a book about myself. I’m afraid that world of people will angry and kill me cause they don’t want the world to changed.