The Council on Foreign Relations — 7 Comments

    • Trump has some people in his cabinet/admin that are CFR or corporate members of CFR. The New American magazine describes this: Mcmaster, Tillerson (corporate). Though Trump has much less CFR, Trilaterals than Obama and previous U.S. presidents.

      But one of President Trump’s slogans is “Make the U.N. Great, Again!” which should send shivers down anybody’s spine and also raises a humongous red, communist/socialist flag. Trump campaigned he wanted to audit the Federal Reserve, but far as I know, has never pursued that or even warned
      the U.S. public how evil, disastrous, corrupt and unconstitutional it is. My opinion, he’s with the Elites/NWO. The 2 most important issues – economy and foreign policy are dominated by CFR-Federal Reserve (New World Order) crowd and Wall Street – Eastern (liberal, Establishment) Rockefeller Republican – Donald predictably won’t touch them.

        • if he doesn’t go after the Federal Reserve and defy the Elites of the NWO….God help us all!
          The Council on Foreign Relations is a powerful entity but we as Americans cannot let them take our sovereignty no matter the cost.
          The more we discuss the evils and goals of this group, we can prevent them from taking over our country. They will all wind up killing each other for ultimate power eventually.

  1. 1 should always try to both understand and accept reality although I may not always agree with the council of foreign relations ideas I do accept the fact that it is I’m major part of a reality I hope to one day visit was fine institution

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