U.S. Now Rolling Out National ID Cards — 4 Comments

  1. “Much of the price of the healthcare delivery is caused by bureaucracy and greed of the insurance industry” This is Not True.. sorry I work in the health care field. As an RN in the front lines of healthcare for the last 20 yrs, I seen multiple waste from your everyday average citizen that demands that everything be done for Grandma.. never mind that it the technology to run a simple MRI costs thousands because simply it is technology and technology is expensive, but they want hundreds of tests done, and they can’t afford to take care of her so they just want the hospital to eat the cost of caring for her.. NO the problem lies with US! there is zero education in teaching responsibility of caring for us, we eat bad, we make bad health choices and expect the doctors to do everything available under the sun to save us, when its obvious its not gonna help.
    I saw heart operations on people that I knew woulnt make the rehab, simply because the Doctor wanted to do it..
    this article is nothing but biased opinion, not fact based.

    • Wow Wendy hope you don’t get sick, would love for you to meet a nurse as bad as you an get the same rude treatment of who cares if you live. Obviously you’ve never seen in 20 years on the frontline That people are misdiagnosed an mistreated by nurses an doctors. Those people you talk about as a waste are people who have given up in life because of people like you. In nursing your taught psychology use it! People need that one test NO ONE had the brains to run because of stuck up behavior like yours. I had 400 tests run by incompetent doctors who were to busy making me feel stupid when all they had to do was basic care to listen to find the problem. Only by someone else pushing them to look elsewhere was the answer found. ALS! All of you have the god complex.

  2. Your logic = Wendy it costs Is it costs thousands to run mri’s because it’s technology and tech is expensive. Actually technology decrease price every year after it’s on the market and MRI technology has been around for quite a while. I would contest that, it costs hundreds but I guarantee that the hospital does not have to pay thousands every time they perform an MRI especially in today’s age. I really jus feel like your comment wasn’t fully thought out or finished in the first place.

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