Global Warming

Al Gore "The evidence of global warming keeps piling up, month after month, week after week. How long is it going to take before those people in the Congress get the message? People are sweltering out there. .. The future holds significantly higher temperatures still unless we do something about it." - Vice President Al Gore

What evidence?
Is it Mr. Clinton´s assertion that "the five warmest years recorded since the 1400s all occurred in the 1990s"?

Mathematical statistician, J. Gart, rightly asks, "As the early readings necessarily predate the European ´discovery´ of the Western Hemisphere (1492), Australia (1606), and New Zealand (1642), please make it clear whether the temperatures recorded by the Aztecs, Incans, Australian aborigines, and Maoris are in centigrade or Fahrenheit or whatever."

The global warming science is bogus.
Scientists cannot tell us how much and where temperatures will increase or, for certain, whether they will increase at all. Part of their evidence for global warming is complex computer models that spew out misleading conclusions. These same computer models, when fed the facts of past weather patterns, cannot accurately spit out what actually happened. Of course, basic facts like since 1890 the continental U.S. ground temperature has not changed are of little consideration or that during the 30 years between 1940 and 1970, when we pumped out more CO2 than any other time, there was no global warming.

Global WarmingIt's on the basis of no evidence that the Kyoto Treaty was signed. It will be very costly to American families, fuel and electricity costs will go up and jobs at energy-intensive industries are likely to be lost. It will export American jobs. It will not improve the environment. By 2015, greenhouse gas emission from developing countries will exceed those of the United States and other countries impacted by the treaty. Overall, global emissions will continue to grow. If global warming is real, the Kyoto Treaty is not a solution.

"The real threat to Mr. Gore´s Kyoto dreams is if Americans begin to doubt there´s any real threat. If no one can be sure that humans are causing the Earth to warm, or even how much of a problem it is if it does warm, what´s the point of breaking a political sweat? This is why Mr. Gore and his aides are so dismissive and caustic toward anyone who doubts their claims or disputes their evidence." - The Wall Street Journal

Because much of their junk science has been debunked, they are now having to change the name of their contrived crisis from global warming to "climate change."

People have been becoming increasingly aware that the problems of external security which are facing their national governments are problems facing the world today - ozone depletion, air pollution, acid rain, nuclear accidents, over-population, drought, famine, international terrorism, international trading, multinational corporation, international communications, etc. - cannot be controlled or solved by individual national governments. So men are beginning to look beyond their national governments to a higher denomination of government - a world government with legislative, enforcement, and judicial influence on a world scale.

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