Religious Cleansing

Why are liberals so afraid of Jesus?

Why do they tremble in the face of His ideals for mankind?

Because He demands accountability of you and me -- and them.

He offers absolutes.

In their rebellion, they do not want ANY rules, and especially do not want His rules. They do not want a God who tells them there are rights and wrongs that do not change according to human whim (John 15:18-25).

They mock the idea of "natural law" -- that God has ordained how some things should be.

They want false gods who allow them to do whatever they want and who promise them mystical power and pleasure.

Even so, Jesus Christ laid down His life for them. He loves them. He expects us to love them, too. He gave up everything to deliver them from the nasty surprise Satan is quietly preparing for them. It is our job to make sure they hear the Gospel -- changing the hardened hearts of these liberal social reformers is a worthy goal for every believer.

The Struggle for the Hearts of Minds of Mankind
The "world" is unrelenting in its hostility to Christians and determined to wipe out every divine principle for which Christianity stands.

We see "religious cleansing" occurring everywhere: Religious people, and Christians in particular, face open discrimination against their religious beliefs and expression in public schools. Children, teachers and parents are chastised for religious utterances despite the First Amendment's guarantee of a citizen's right to free speech and the right to freely exercise his or her religion. In addition, many government agencies today, including the courts, have not only undermined the family but have endorsed programs and policies antagonistic to the traditional family unit. It seeks to supplant creationism with evolution. It denies the sacredness of human life by abortion. It achieves the breakdown of the family unit by divorce for any reason. The purity of the marriage relationship is denied by pre-marital sex. Homosexuality and lesbianism are looked on as acceptable alternative lifestyles. God's chain of command in the home and in the church is ridiculed by militant feminism. Church and state are so separated as to ban the mention of God and Christ from public life entirely. Obscenity, pornography, nakedness, filth, and violence are treated with amiable tolerance.

While our children are being taught to respect homosexuality as "simply being different," and to never think of it as wrong or unnatural, they are also taught to despise anyone who disagrees. Those of us who refuse to embrace these perverted life-styles are labeled as homophobic, old-fashioned and intolerant bigots. "Hate crime" and "human rights" laws have nothing to do with hate and human rights; they have everything to do with how the partisans of putrid political agendas can use the force of the state to break people and institutions that get in their way.

Cyber Patrol, one of the world´s largest Internet software programs for blocking pornography and objectionable material, now bars access to the American Family Association WebSite, claiming that AFA´s opposition to the homosexual movement is "intolerant." The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), which promotes "transgenderism," is a charter member of Cyber Patrol´s oversight committee.

There is a deliberate, calculated effort to isolate Christians from the rest of the culture by spreading fear and distrust.
Those protesting the loudest against "intolerance" and "bigotry" are usually the first ones to practice such when it comes to pro-family Christians.

In some cases these distortions reflect a genuine misunderstanding of who we are and a reliance on a crass stereotype that has been perpetuated in academia and Hollywood. For example, when was the last time you saw a TV show or movie that portrayed Christians as anything other than greedy, unlikeable hypocrites or mealy-mouthed, incompetent "nerds?"

In either event, the result is that Christians are depersonalized. Depersonalization makes it easier for people to accept negative stereotypes, pigeonholed, and, in the extreme, tolerate abuse and persecution of the people who have been depersonalized. Historical precedent for this can be found in Nero's treatment of Christians, racism in all forms, and Hitler's treatment of the Jews. Dictators, tyrants, and other opponents of the truth don't want churches and Christians to interfere.

"Churchmen dabbling in politics should take note that their only task is to prepare for the world hereafter." - Joseph Goebbels

In Nazi Germany, Joseph Goebbels' Ministry of Propaganda stigmatized the Jews until they were anathema in the eyes of the general public. Then, when public opinion was properly conditioned, the Jews were herded into ghettos and later into concentration camps, where they were eventually destroyed. The same thing is happening to Christians in America today. The source of the disinformation is not the White House - at least not officially, not yet. But Christians are being boxed into a cultural ghetto in the eyes of the American public just as surely as Jews were boxed into a physical ghetto in Nazi Germany. Almost by a process of osmosis, over the recent years an anti-Christian mindset has developed in the academics and the media, and is now spreading to the general public. Christians, who used to be acknowledged as the wholesome core of American cultural stability, are now denigrated as dangerous and somehow subversive. (Pat Robertson, "The 'Ghettoizing' of the Gospel," Christian American, January 1993.)

Hitler and his satanic-led associates carefully prepared the minds of the murderers in Germany. He had pumped them up into believing they were a superior race akin to gods. Their victims were said to be members of a lower race, deserving of their fate. What the murderers were doing was not evil but necessary and good. Perhaps even holy.

If the Nazi overloards could easily convince these men to willingly commit such unspeakable atrocities, how much more effective will a future Antichrist be in convincing his New Age "Soldiers of Darkness" to perpetuate equally evil acts? His adversaries, Biblical Christians, are racially inferior, ignorant, unsophisticated, and dangerous to world peace and unity. They are "evil." Worse, the Christians are a threat and an obstacle to the New Age Kingdom.

Conspiracy Theorists
Christians are routinely marginalized as being some sort of "kook" believing in conspiracy theories. For example, two of the agendas of the new world order are to microchip everyone to control them and to wipe out 80% of the world’s population through genocide. That agenda is ridiculed by the anti-christian establishment as being nothing more than a conspiracy theory, despite the volumes of evidence and published writings of globalist groups espousing exactly that. When Christians are portrayed as some wild-eyed conspiracy theorist, their evidence for a new world order is simply ignored and the uninformed public is lulled into the complacency of believing in a lie.

One group violently targeted by the U.S. government was the Branch Davidian group in Waco Texas led by David Koresh. Attorney General Janet Reno ordered an FBI assault on the compound resulting in the killing of eighty-six men, women and children. This criminal act made it painstakingly clear that globalists in our government are attempting to persuade the American people that any action that conflicts with their socialist policies will be labeled a "hate crime" and punishable by the federal government.

War on Christianity
Those who are working for the dissolution of our society have a spiritual agenda.

The Politics of Hate
One of the more powerful tools in the hands of those waging war against Christianity is "Hate."

The Separation of Church and State
A new, humanistic America where our children will be protected from outmoded Christian ideas and will enjoy freedom "from" religion

Religion Czar in a Police State
The government wants to monitor our religion.

Discrimination Against Christians
Across our country today and indeed around the world, there is a battle being waged by those who hate Christ and the truth contained in the Bible

Christians in Politics
American politics is not any longer about Democrats, Republicans, or Independents ... It's not a fight between the Liberal Left and the Christian Right ... It is all about what America is.

Philosophical Roots of Change

How did we get to where we're at?

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