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Affirmative Action for Homosexuals


By Vic Bilson
Jeremiah Project

Another part of the political agenda of the homosexual movement is the strategy to paint themselves as disadvantaged in need of protection and the target of extremist "hate" groups.

In May, 1998, President Clinton bypassed Congress and the American people by signing an Executive Order that places homosexuals, bisexuals, and the "transgendered" in a specially protected category for consideration in federal government jobs and promotions. This was basically an alternative way for the president to implement, without congressional approval, the so-called Employment Non-Discrimination Act. This order added the term "sexual orientation" to a 1969 executive order mandating affirmative action throughout the federal government, effectively instituting homosexual quotas in federal hiring and promotions. Also affected by this order are federal grant programs. As a condition of receiving grants, private contractors and state and local governments are all required to comply with federal nondiscrimination standards.

"By giving special protections to homosexuals, if it is ever the case that two equally qualified persons apply for the same job and the heterosexual receives the position, then the homosexual can sue claiming discrimination based on sexual orientation. The potential costs to the employer (lawyers fee, negative publicity, etc.) will ensure that homosexuals will be given preference. Simply put, when all things are equal, the risk of being sued tips the scales in favor of the homosexual being hired. If the homosexual is hired, then there is no possibility of litigation. If the heterosexual is hired then there exists that possibility. THIS ENSURES THAT PEOPLE WILL NOT BE HIRED BASED ON MERIT ALONE. ALL THINGS BEING EQUAL, THOSE CLAIMING TO BE HOMOSEXUAL WILL GET THE JOB. Moreover, in the minds of some government employers, the threat of litigation will carry more weight than a few minor skills that would have otherwise worked to give advantage to the heterosexual." (Mance E. Harmon, The Salt Server, July 16, 1998)

"We're here, we're queer, get used to it."

The influential homosexual newspaper, the Washington Blade, reported that Clinton's first priority was to pass laws that would protect homosexuals from hiring practices. The Lesbian and Gay Advocacy Project to Reelect Bill Clinton and Al Gore said, "He is the first President to be personally and publicly committed to the principles of equality and acceptance for gays and lesbians. He has done so many things to make our lives better, safer, and more secure."

  • President Clinton announced his support for a civil rights bill to protect homosexuals and lesbians, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would prohibit job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, thus making homosexuals a "protected class" like race, sex or ethnicity under federal civil rights laws. In a speech made before a gathering of homosexual activists November 8, 1997, Bill Clinton challenged, "...I am urging [that the Houses of] Congress to pass [the] Employment Non-Discrimination Act..."
  • The Supreme Court ruled in 1998 that people infected with the HIV virus that causes AIDS are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Although President Bill Clinton says he opposes homosexual marriage and has pledged to sign the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which prohibits federal recognition of same-sex marriage, he is also backing a homosexual organization's efforts to derail the Bill. In a July fundraising mailing, the Human Rights Campaign said it was launching 'a bold new strategy to derail the hate-driven bill in Congress known as the Defense of Marriage Act.' That strategy consists of amending the bill so that it also creates special federal civil rights protection for homosexuals. Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) lead the effort to attach the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) to DOMA, and the Aug. 23 edition of the homosexual newspaper the Washington Blade quoted Clinton senior adviser George Stephanopoulos as telling the Human Rights Campaign's national convention that 'President Clinton and his entire administration will be fighting for it [ENDA] when that legislation hits the floor of the Senate.'
  • Clinton ordered all federal agencies to implement non-discrimination policies that include gays and lesbians.
  • President Clinton signed an Executive Order on Aug. 4, 1995, barring the federal government from denying security clearances to homosexuals. This in spite of the fact that homosexuality has long been a red flag for national security officers performing background investigations because it is so often linked to known security risks, such as drug and alcohol abuse, promiscuity and violence.
  • Clinton ended the ban on homosexuals in the military.
    • The Washington Post reported on February 10, 1993 that a coalition of gay rights groups had prepared a broad agenda of new policies to impose on the armed forces if the military ban on homosexuality is lifted. The 13-point plan would require the Pentagon to conduct "indoctrination" programs for all heterosexual military personnel to ensure their acceptance of gays and lesbians. It makes no difference that many will have religious or moral objections to the instruction. The plan would also establish an advisory committee to the secretary of defense to oversee and report on homosexuals in the military.
    • On July 7, 1993, Clinton announced his "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy regarding gays in the military.
  • President Clinton successfully fought to repeal the Dornan Amendment, which would have required the expulsion of all HIV-positive military service members.
  • Clinton appointed the first self-avowed homosexual to his administration, Roberta Achtenberg, as Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. She was not only a flaunting lesbian, but was living in Washington with another lesbian, former San Francisco Municipal Court Judge Mary Morgan, as they "parent" a seven year-old son, Benjamin. She took a leading role in expelling the Boy Scouts of America from public facilities within the Bay area and from the lists of charitable givers because, she said, their oath includes the word "God." In defending her action, she said, "Do we want children learning the values of an organization that ... provides character building exclusively for straight, God-fearing male children?"
  • He has appointed more than 100 openly gay administration officials.
  • Appointed first pro-gay Supreme Court Justice -- Ruth Bader Ginsberg.
  • Appointed first openly gay federal judge.
  • The Republican controlled U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed labor activist Elaine Kaplan, an admitted lesbian, to head the Office of Special counsel, and indepenent agency that oversees all federal workplace and personnel matters including political activity.
  • Granted asylum to lesbians and gays facing persecution abroad while denying asylum requests from Chinese women fleeing forced abortions and sterilization.
  • President Clinton signed a law requiring that women, including lesbians and minorities, be part of NIH supported research.
  • He invited openly lesbian health advocates to policy meetings for the first time in history.
  • Vice President Gore held private dinner for gay leaders.
  • President Clinton appointed openly gay physician Scott Hitt to head the President's Council on HIV/AIDS, along with several other openly gay Council members.
  • Held historic White House briefings and reception for openly gay elected officials (June 1995).
  • President Clinton named the first Presidential Liaison to the gay and lesbian community in the White House, Marsha Scott, and now openly gay Richard Socarides.
  • Included anti-discrimination language in health care reform proposal (Health Security Act).
  • The U.S. Department of Transportation became the first Cabinet department to sponsor "gay pride" month in June 1993. Under the direction of Secretary Federico Pena, the department spent $1900 in taxpayer funds on various activities, including group discussions and buttons that read, "Straight But Not Narrow". Pena addressed the June 15th rally, saying that "with this step, fear and discrimination" will decrease and "tolerance will grow." On May 27, Pena issued "diversity" and "equal opportunity" orders that add "sexual orientation" to the list of protected criteria for DOT employees.
  • Clinton's Office of Personnel Management decreed that "sexual orientation" is now protected under the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978.
  • The Department of Education newsletter now lists homosexual "commitment ceremonies" in the same section with traditional marriages and births.
  • The Department of Housing and Urban Development requires its management-level staff to join and participate in outside organizations that promote cultural diversity, including homosexual organizations.
  • The U.S. Postal Service's law enforcement branch has issued a new code of conduct forbidding employees to discriminate against homosexuals even during off-duty hours. The new code, which requires the signature of each employee, has sparked private protests from some employees, who fear the rules will intrude on their private lives. One postal worker said the code could prevent him from opposing same-sex marriage or a homosexual pastor at his local church. The discrimination statement is part of a five-page code of conduct signed in November by Kenneth J. Hunter, chief of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

As President, Bill Clinton filled the government with homosexuals where they in turn influenced laws to bring about their deviant agenda. President Clinton was a willing pawn in an organized effort by homosexuals to use the force of federal law to require you and your family to accept their lifestyle.

Sodomites were now working openly in the White House and on Capitol Hill, at least two of them as elected members of Congress. On November 2, 1993, homosexual and lesbian appointees within the Clinton Administration held a "coming-out breakfast" for the press. The original goal, they said, was to secure five homosexual appointments by the White House. Bruce Lehman of the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund said, "For the first time in the history of mankind, a president has sought to break this barrier, this taboo. For that Bill Clinton is going down in history."

Unabashed sodomites are employed as doctors, lawyers, teachers, police officers. Pop stars and Olympic heroes acknowledge they are homosexual -- as gold-medal diver Greg Louganis did, movingly, during the opening ceremonies at the Gay Games.

They now want to force their immoral values on the rest of us!

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The Christian position is clear: Homosexuality is an abomination, and we do not teach "tolerance" of a perverse criminal behavior, any more than we would teach "tolerance" of child abuse, pedophilia, rape, murder, cocaine dealing or embezzlement. While Christians may hate the sin... they continue to love the sinner and offer a message of hope for a healthier lifestyle.

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