The Sabbath Day — 13 Comments

    • Yes you are right. I myself am a Sabbath believer. I have all the texts to prove the Sabbath was first established at Creation, when God instituted the first Sabbath, when he rested from creation, not that He needed to rest, but knew that the humans he created in His Image would need to rest on the Seventh Day, reason, he Blessed, Hallowed, and Sanctified the Sabbath, making that a Special Day. the Seventh Day of rest Holy! The Seventh Day is the Sabbath, it’s not only the day to honor, and keep the Sabbath Holy & to worship God, but also a special time to worship God & spend time with family, in building relationships. The Seventh Day Adventists are Bible believing Christians, who keep the Sabbath Day Holy, like we told from the Bible how to keep it Homy. They also have a good understanding of Bible prophecy, they believe humanism is the God of this world. In Daniel & Revelation, its very clear that a system of humanism as the New Religion will be the religion of the New World Order. One man & system will soon be revealed, Revelation talks of the whole World wondering after this Beast, who is the Anti-Christ. If anyone is interested in studying the 2 beasts of Revelation, where America & the Papacy are very much involved, in this Unity of Religions, so as to head this New World Religion called Humanism.

  1. So glad to see many commenting that they understand God’s true Sabbath is NOT Sunday! I am a Sabbath keeper myself. When God showed me His truths, I could not turn from it. If you love God keep His commandments and SEARCH for His truths!


  2. For Vic. I’m curious to know how you differentiate between Old and New Testament teachings? Or perhaps to put it another way, how you differentiate between “law” and “grace”. My understanding is that the Old Testament is there for our enlightenment but that we are under the Lordship of Jesus, not the Old Testament law. This is of course, not the easy option as the commandments of Jesus are generally the more arduous, requiring obedience from the heart. I’m not asking for a greatly detailed explanation, but just basic principles. I am happy for you to refer me to other documents, as long as I “have the right of reply”. Thanks. Vince D

    • Thanks Vince for your question. I agree the Old Testament is there for our enlightenment but that we are under the Lordship of Jesus, not the Old Testament law. Our salvation is not dependent on following the Law. But, that does not negate the Law. Jesus tells us in Matt. 5:17, “Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them.” As for the Sabbath Day, nowhere in the New Testament does it change to Sunday and as such remains as described in the OT. It was man that changed the Sabbath to Sunday, and we are not to follow man. Acts 5:29 tells us, “But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men.”

      • Thanks Vic.
        “Fulfill” is the key word. It means “to bring to completion, to accomplish, to satisfy or similar”. All of which convey the sense of something not being “negated”, but of having successfully achieved the desired result. For example, the requirement to shed the blood of animals for the forgiveness of sin has come to an end, because Jesus has become the believer’s sacrificial lamb. We don’t stone adulterers to death even though the law still requires it, because none of us are without sin. Etc etc. Yet the transition from the old to the new is not the soft option either as is commonly misconstrued. Quite the opposite. (Matthew 16:24-27, Romans 6:1-15)

        Jesus no-where teaches or expounds Sabbath observance as part of His gospel. The Scribes and Pharisees on the other hand, constantly attacked Jesus for His supposed failure to observe the Sabbath. Jesus stood His ground, refuting them in various ways:
        • It was lawful to “do good” on the Sabbath. Matthew 12:12, Luke 6:9
        • God seeks mercy, not sacrifice. Matthew 12:7
        • They were judging by mere appearances, instead of right judgements. John 7:24
        • The Sabbath was made for man, rather than the reverse. Mark 2:27

        Perhaps the most significant response that Jesus made was to pronounce that He was “Lord, even of the Sabbath”. (Matthew 12:8, Mark 2:28, Luke 6:1-5) This clearly marks the change from the Old to the New Testament, from the Law to grace and the Lordship of Christ. His “soft” interpretation of the Sabbath is a major reason why the religious leaders hated Him and wanted to kill Him.

        How about the apostles? Paul says that some Christians esteem one day, and some all. Neither is right or wrong, it is the motive that counts. (Romans 14:5-6 (and all) He tells his congregations that they should not let anyone judge them for various things including “a Sabbath day”, as they were “but a shadow of the things to come”.(Colossians 2:13-23) He disparages the slavish observation of days months seasons and years. (Galatians 4:9-10)

        How then was the Sabbath fulfilled? Hebrews refers to true believers entering a spiritual “Sabbath of rest”. I understand this to mean that those being lead by the Spirit, will find a (permanent) place of rest for their souls. (Hebrews 4:9) Instead of “setting aside one day a week for God”, every day is supposed to be under His direction. It appears that early believers had the habit of meeting together on the first day of the week.(1Corinthians 16:2) But it would simply be a discipline, a tradition to meet regularly. It was never (in the Bible at least) taught as doctrine. ie. Sunday has not become a substitute “Sabbath”.

  3. There are numerous texts in the Bible constantly reminding us to keep the Sabbath day Holy. The Ten Commandments are found on exodus 20: 3-17. The one on the Sabbath is found on verse eight. Also, Christ died on a Friday, not a Sunday. If you read the story on the death of Jesus on John 19 28:37, specifically verse 31, it is clear that it was on a Friday that Christ died and resurrected on a Sunday.

  4. Very nice story but in the end I was confused. The verse that is given in the beginning is talking about God blessing the seventh day and making it Holy. As I read the Creation story in Genesis, It clearly says that God created this world in 6 days and the seventh day He rested, He blessed it and He sanctified it which He did not do on any other day. He simply said that “it was good” after each day was created. So how does this Sunday as Sabbath came Pr. or Mr. Jeremiah?
    How did that change to Sunday and where did we make the mistake? I am curious. Can we give any Bible verses for Sunday as Sabbath? From the day Adam and Eve sinned, Satan is trying to say or do things counterfeiting on what God has said or done and he is still in that business of counterfeit and confusing people and leading them astray.
    History proves it and how Satan has manipulated and changed everything. HIS Word never changes. What He ordained as HOLY day has never changed and He never did it while on this earth. Are we following GOD or Man who claims to be equal with GOD and changed what GOD ordained as HOLY. We Protestants who came out of those corrupted teachings, why are we still holding on to that teaching false to others. Are we accountable to GOD?
    I appreciate your ministry Mr. Jeremiah. But please pray earnestly and ask GOD to open your eyes, allow the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and preach the truth.
    Thank you.

    • I agree that Sunday IS NOT the Sabbath. Sunday Sabbath is something created by man.

  5. Thank You, Tiffany
    Father said for us to keep the Sabbath and while I was reading this story I kept thinking why was this writer trying to convince me that the Sabbath was on Sunday instead of Saturday This story goes along with the false teachings that the world wants to use to deceive the body of Chirst. Sunday is sun worship and we need to study so we will not be deceived. Thank You

  6. Hello. Saturday in the Sabbath on the Lord. God created the earth in six days and rested on the
    Seventh day. He commanded is to keep the Sabbath. There is no command in the bible to keep Sunday holy. Sunday worship symbolises sun worship. Pleaae prayerfully study God’s word. He will reveal to you the truth. God bless

    • Man changes the day of worship from Saturday to Sunday. Woe be unto those who knew and refused to teach the right things concern the Sabbath and our Lord Jesus Christ and deceiving others.
      STOP telling lies

      • God expects us to come together to worship Him on the first day of the week—that’s Sunday. It’s New Testament teaching. No man is above the teaching of God’s Word. That is our sole source for beliefs or opinions.