The United Nations — 8 Comments

  1. I believe that the United Nations plays a big role in Satan’s world political system with the seven heads and ten horns. It is called the new world order. I believe the seven heads are the seven continents, making it a world government. Making America great again goes against the agenda of the new world order. If North America, or the United States, is one of the heads, could it cause the deadly wound as taught in Revelation? Something to think about.

  2. How many are they of these people? Start one at a time taking them out and after awhile they will not be any more globalists, trilateral Commission. If American let them lead us all to slaughter then they will get what they want but if we as a nation take the law into our own hands and use COMMON LAW on them, we shall win. “simple right”?

  3. I’m watching Donald Trump not only ushering in every New World Order agenda on the table far faster than Hillary could ever dream of, but he’s fast-tracking it. And who better than a ‘businessman’? It’s why he was selected. He’s also rejuvenating The North American Union for the UN after Obama failed, although he did more damage than most realize. I don’t know if we’re the United States of Israel or the United States of the United Nations.

    • Thank you Sandra for bringing up this subject. I’ve been researching it myself and plan to write a post on the matter soon. Keep watching.

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  5. I have also read that the USA pays over $3B annually to operate the UN, which is more than the 185 other member nations pay COMBINED! That certainly does not seem fair to me.

  6. Personally, I would be thrilled if the USA kicked the entire UN operation out of the US permanently. But hey; I can dream, can’t I? At least President Trump has proposed that the member nations pay more of the cost of the operation.

    • I agree… kick ’em out. Doubt that I’ll see that happen in my lifetime. The UN is pretty well established by the globalists to exert their power in the world.