Denial of Free Speech by the Courts — 1 Comment

  1. You listed a bunch of things that go against separation of church and state. That has nothing to do with Marxism you dumb ass. If you want your denomination of christian prayer in school then everyones religion will have to come after that. the kids would be saying prayers all day long. You are talking like a complete nut job on this site. I will let the Satanic Temple know that you feel very strongly about getting these religious things into the public square so maybe They can put the Baphomet next to your commandments and your kids can say a prayer to Satan after their prayer to Jesus. Do you see now why they arent allowed? How about we just let the Satanic Temple do the prayers in school and you can have the 10 commandment statue. The Christian children saying the prayers to Satan will be so wonderful. Don’t assume that church and state gets defeated, your religion will be the victor.