Social Class Warfare in America — 4 Comments

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  2. I have only recently come across this site, a site with a view that I used to be more opposed to as a Left leaning “Centrist” … but things change, views change, all is change. I guess that it would have been the last election cycle that has made the most difference in my change of thinking about who is right and who is wrong, and who I want to be associated with in the near future.

    I feel that virtually everyone needs to re-address on occasion as to where they stand because often we do not notice the changes taking place to the degree that we should. Our old habits become out of date all too often and eventually affect us adversely when not kept up with. Our “Authoritarians” are always up with what works best “for themselves” and tend to distort meanings to fool us as to what they really want and do … would leaders who value money most ever lie to you?

    Authorities of every persuasion, secular AND religious, are more about control than anything else, and THEIR method has always been about Divide and Conquer so as to Control! The have distorted and twisted the Hegelian Dialectic into a form of Dualism (for us) with themselves the obscure “Trinitarian Masters” that pull the strings of the Dualistic Puppet stage show to which we are supposed to “pick our side” where even our religions warn to “never fence sit”, to always seek the “side of” perfection … the very word perfection, as is the case of the word truth, has been long ago perverted into a meaning that serves only such Authoritarians.

    Trinity is the Tue Nature of our UNIverse (and there is Only ONE UNIverse)(as there is Only One GOD, with countless Gods and ever more mere gods) … Trinity is defined by the Basic Equation of Truth, the BET as (+=-), the very minimum that makes up the Whole, a whole that must include everything that exists or could exist to be in fact and TRUTH a UNI(ONE)verse.

    That you may well not understand or accept this Fact and TRUTH (+=-) is testament to just how well our indoctrination has been by our “Masters”, each and al of which have been but worldly authorities positing to be UNIversal Authority. GOD is the One and Only “Authority” and “rules” with LOVE which has Karmic Justice where eventually everyone gets their just due. Eventuality continues on an Eternal basis, as Spiritual Beings we are each and all a part of the One GOD and Duality (+/-) is but an experience that we are meant to learn from and eventually transcend into True Trinity (+=-) where we come to know the differences and allow them for others without any fear of being other than Balanced, (=) is Inclusive (Divine) Compassionate and Cooperating for the Greater Good, the Whole. While the (/) is Divisive (the tool of controllers), Subtractive, extremist and ultimately Destructive, first to the commoner but eventually even to the Controllers whos God and gods most likely inform them otherwise of course.

    IMnsHO and E so far. 🙂

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