Ecumenism and the Pro-Life Movement — 1 Comment

  1. I joined the pro-life movement here in New Zealand in the 80’s, but have always been an outsider due to my not being a Catholic. Having said that, there were/are virtually no committed pro-life non-Catholics here. There was one who became prominent for a short time, protesting outside clinics. I visited him in prison, only to find out that he had converted…and now aggressively, wanted to convert me. So we had a heated argument…in prison. But what are they to do now that their Pope is pro-choice, pro-UN, pro-world religion, pro-“saving the planet (population reduction) pro-vaccine etc etc.? It stuns me that traditional Catholics continue to believe they are the one true Church, even when some acknowledge that a “false prophet” now occupies “the chair of Peter”. At what stage must they (surely?) pull out? Again, Protestants have no cause to be smug, most having succumbed years ago. The path is wide indeed, that leads to destruction.