Understanding the Hegelian Dialectic — 8 Comments

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  4. Read about this in college, but never gave it much t hi ought until Vietnam, Uni Bomber, & 9/11. Thanks so much.

  5. Please, is there any more information I can get from you on this topic? Please provide.

    Yours in Salvation.

    Brother Gerard

  6. Deception is deception … truth is truth … The Hegelian Dialectic is Truth … the misuse of it is Deception.

    Truth is that our World, as a part of our Universe, is in fact and truth a Trinitarian construct that works out naturally as does the Hegelian Dialectic of Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis.

    Problem, Reaction, Solution is also somewhat natural given that the first awareness is that of the problem at hand, as life lived by free people hoping to overcome problems by learning their natural solutions in order to live a more productive life. That is GOD’s intention for us all, the seeking and the finding of the higher truth that is natural.

    Enter what we might call “evil” (that which is relatively un-natural for “truth seekers”) and people see value (usually personal value) in manipulating the natural order by looking ahead for problems that might affect themselves from a more personally selfish level. Then they see “their” solution as available by fooling the people into performing un0natural acts based upon presented threats (problem), with “suggested” fears for the people to act upon (action) that will result in the outcome (solution) that the “leaders” wanted all along (to hell with the people).

    GOD gave the Universe, including the World, the Trinity of Positive, Equal, Negative; (+=-), The Basic Trinity that I call the Basic Equation of Truth, the BET as (+=-). That is the Highest Truth that even The Trinity of The Bible is based upon!

    Evil though has usurped the role of the Highest aspect of GOD, that of the “Third” aspect of Equality, the(=), while the “hide” from us to keep the truth from us presenting the falsehood of a Dualistic (+/-) World where we the people are supposed to “self-divide” into our respective roles of (+) or (-), commonly called good and bad. There we are to blame each other for all perceived problems and ignore the relatively hidden Leaders who ultimately control us all. Divide and Control is the name of that game. Duality imposed by false (Evil) trinity.

    Evil has over time even polluted our religious (through Religions) concepts of Trintarian Truth onto Dualistic shortsightedness.

    Point being, beware of evil distortions of highest truth into lessor truths intended for selfish manipulation. We need to wake up to the truth of how our “Authorities” have corrupted Truth into their own selfish, perverted, and malicious versions meant to imprison us so that They can Lord it over us.

    IMnsHO and E. (+=-)>(+/-)

  7. The Best present day example of the Dialectic is the Selection/Election of Donald James Trump.

    Crises: The Ultra Liberal Progressive ObamaNation Administration. The Straw that broke the back of America.

    Reaction: The disenfranchised Moderate/conservative America.

    Solution: DJT who conned the disenfranchised into believing he himself would be America’s Savior and Restoration. He had/has the support of Dominionist Alex Jones Steve Quayle Dave Hodges and most of the Alternative Patriot Christian Media plus most conservative Evangelical Christians. The Pied Piper told their itching ears what their flesh wanted to hear. Money Prosperity. Never mind the reprobate character of Trump whom they excused but never for Clinton or Obama. Trump who owns Casinos and has done financial business with the Mafia and George Soros. Trump said in a interview he does not bother God with such things as sin or forgiveness/repentance.

    Conservative America has been duped by their own making so their end shall be.

    The dialectic is all about Deception in which our Lord Jesus Christ warned in His Word. Do the ones who call Jesus their Savior read His Word?