(ECT) Evangelicals and Catholics Together — 1 Comment

  1. I’m surprised that there seems to have been so little interest from Protestant leaders about the moves of Pope Francis lately, as highlighted by the recent Vatican”Amazon Synod”. He has openly backed the UN and appears to be placing himself under their authority to “save the planet”. (along with Greta) He is validating the native Amazonian religion with their idols and earth mother worship, saying they don’t need to convert to Catholicism. Stunning! The only ones who seem to be on to this are conservative Catholic groups, even identifying their “false Pope” as a potential anti-christ! Where are those who have been warning of Rome over the years? This has been a long time coming. I was surprised to find in an extremely well documented book on Billy Graham, how active he was in the “ecumentical” movement. Along with so many other prominent individuals and “Christian” organisations. Surely, this is “a great falling away”!