Seven Major Teachings of the New Age — 8 Comments

  1. My experience of life, I’m deaf that can’t hear another world of people talk. I do myself. See the world what I believe as many gods everywhere. Not Christ or other God Leaders and Bible. I grew up when I worshiped to SUN, MOON, STARS and much more. I do believe Sun of God, Moon of Goddess and much more. The spirit inside of me. I do believe everyone is GOD. I try to write a book about myself. I’m afraid that world of people will angry and kill me cause they don’t want the world to changed.

  2. The basic concept of life Has not changed time is a mysterious phenomena God is not new or old
    New age is rubbish Philosophy

  3. Change is the only constant. Grow up my brother. We have been fooled enough by the church fathers and many of them have decided for once to say the truth. No religion owns God. If is all about deceit that was why it was forced down our psych through bloody wars crusade and jihads. Nonsense.

  4. Jesus said that “he is the way, the truth and the life and NO MAN comes to the Father except through Him” People like New Age followers invent belief systems that are persuasive and easy to follow, like the hippies of the 60’s.. love.. love and more love. Why ?, because mankind will always look for an easy way out. The Bible isn’t a book of rules and regulations, it’s a book filled with Grace of Christ and people don’t get it and so the next best thing is to object and fight against it by creating other forms of beliefs. Example, if the Atheist doesn’t believe in God why spend your every breath denying the existence of God???… Spiritualism , it’s easier to believe and pour millions of dollars into someone else’s discovery of science, self existence mutating into an objective which will ultimately will never be achieved.

  5. Humans came into this world with Nothing, and they will go out of this World with Nothing, but whosoever had not God or Christ before they died was Nothing as well as their once lived life’s.

  6. You can’t fight what you can’t see, you can’t defeat what you don’t know, but the Time will come when the Wicked reaps what they S O W E D!!!! !!!

  7. The Time is Near when Evil shall Fear the wrath of the Lord who’s Word is a 2 Edged Soward. The Hearts of many shall was Colder than ice but the Wicked to God shall be like Dead Mice!!!!!!!!!

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