Hegelian Dialectic Solution: A Great Reset of Capitalism — 3 Comments

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  3. WOW!!! … Yes … that is both “The Plan” as well as the “Rhetoric” that is supposed to make it happen. But … our supposed Leadership is just about all built upon Lies and whatever Falsehoods They can use to enslave us … That “Leadership” actually works for “The Beast”, the hidden “Elite” that works for Their own “Leader”, what is colloquially known as Satan, more correctly, Lucifer …

    Those “folk” turn everything upside down, every truth from them is a lie concerning us … They “use” the Hegelian Dialectic in the same fashion, upside down and backwards, as a ‘weapon’ against us …

    Lucifer is the Antithesis of God … Lies are the Antithesis of the Truth … on the ‘other hand’, the Truth of the Hegelian Dialectic is the real working of our entire Universe … Problem, Reaction, Synthesis, the Natural order of Life everywhere … as provided by God (which I would rather say GOD, not God nor gods) where we have our Intuitive choice to lean one way or the other … most of us would naturally make the proper and healthy choice were we not so swayed by the Lies of our “Opposition” …

    Opposition perverts the Hegelian Dialectic bytaking control of it and producing intentional problems for us, such as Pandemics, well knowing that we will look to them for solutions while well knowing that They will offer only The Solution that works against us and for Them … That is what is called “Conspiring” … it is also called, by Them, a Theory … Truth be known, such a Theory is an actuality of Collusion … anything They call Right is Wrong … everything They say and do is just backwards … BEWARE!!!

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