The Preterist Approach to Bible Prophecy — 1 Comment

  1. Preterism is the only approach that makes sense of scripture, the rejection of it is fuelled by other motives arising from some Freudian unconscious one suspects. The ‘evangelist’ imperative masking a continual appeal for funds and ‘Church workers’ paralleled only by the bureaucracy of a Socialist (or European -:)) State, (and then a majority of funding becomes diverted to support pension liabilities) under the illusion that if somehow we can persuade enough people to agree with us (ignoring the reality of identity being rooted in religious cultural practice) then we need no longer chant how long Jah Jah how long.
    Whereas the scriptural picture is one of a select and chosen people manifesting Jehovah’s righteousness as a witness and example to other nations, and the failure of their obedience being rooted in the fear of death; which faith in the resurrection of Christ as the New Covenant distinctive is understood to be of sufficient power to overcome, as clearly the world understood as those human systems which exist in opposition to Jehovah are always temporal and thus of death, whereas the engrafted word of Jehovah abides forever, and so each generation after the first Christian century’s first fruits is a continual crop of holy saints until the end of time.
    It’s some variants of Preterism which seem to deny the wickedness of the world and argue for some imagined heaven on earth on a par with Post-millennial fantasists that naturally invites mockery as any reading of Marxist theory (or the newspaper) seriously challenges such utopian hopes, and one suspects are only possible in those Countries whose wealth shields from the means by which such wealth is obtained, for which in the wisdom of God there is always a reckoning, if only in the vast migration of peoples to such wealthy countries with the concomitant evisceration of regard for established social norms and customs, as Europe and no doubt the USA learn God is not mocked whatsoever a man sows he shall reap. Peace