Political Correctness: The Liberal Brand of Censorship — 2 Comments

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  2. Stable societies throughout history have held together through a combination of laws protecting persons and property and social mores and taboos “enforced” by the people. But a line is crossed when authorities seek to impose total control on their citizens by stamping out all “dissent,” including ultimately, “wrong thought” itself. “Political correctness” (to me) then, is the willingness of the State to impose total conformity of thought and action upon its citizens, leading inevitably to the police state.

    I’m currently re-reading the Metaxas book “Bonhoeffer and the parallels with modern day America are alarming. Briefly, propagandizing (brain washing) of the American people was legalised by the Smith/Mundt revision Act in 2012. Using 911 and the supposed threat of “terrorism”, the State has taken all the powers unto itself, necessary to create a police state. Anyone can legally be detained without trial, without being informed of their “crime”, and even face “rendition” to Guantanemo for torture. God has long since been expelled from the nation’s courthouses and schools. Healthy, full term babies can now be destroyed legally and literally carved up for parts. (dead or alive) What does that say about the current value of a human life?

    So no, I can’t agree with Reverend Bresciani that the enemies of the American people are “Islamic terrorists” or “liberals” or any other “useful idiots”. This is a smokescreen, a subterfuge. The true enemy is the (“deep”) State itself, inspired by “the ruler of this world”. “Prophetic” books such as “1984” and “Brave New World” were not written to warn us, but to soften us up for what is now coming to pass. True believers appear to face rapture …or tribulation.