Whatever Happened to Free Speech? — 2 Comments

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  2. Your love for Fox News and the comments you make regarding “ifs” indicates to me you are NOT a godly man but, one more cloaked hate-filled person who hides his hate behind religiosity. If you were truly a godly individual, you would abhor the placement of such an immoral, amoral, treacherous, racist person as donald trump in the oval office. You would speak the truth about his immoral wife having shown her nakedness to the world and somehow being held before the eyes of this nation as a paragon of womanhood. If you were truly a godly man, you would speak out about the murders of people who are not committing any crimes and who yet still were murdered by policemen; you would cry out for justice for those souls, along with your concern for babies who do not get a chance to draw one breath outside the womb. You would support the right of those athletes who kneel to protest those murders and would join the voices asserting there is no disrespect to the nation’s flag nor veterans but simply a plea for an end to the unjust murders. Certainly, GOD is offended by homosexuality and abortion. He is also offended by premarital and extramarital sex, divorce and remarriage, unequal justice and disregard and oppression of the poor and by hatred of others based on skin color. We cannot choose to embrace only the portions of GOD’s Word which we choose but the ignore the transgression of those portions wherein we are not offended personally. According to the blessed Word, if we transgress in one part of the law, we are guilty of the whole!