Signs of the Times: Hatred of Christian against Christian — 1 Comment

  1. I see both the truth and the falsehood in the statements of faith. Faith must be based upon the very highest truth available, and because truth is personal in the final analysis it is subjective. Because no two people are exactly alike there are no absolute truths. The Truth of truth is that there is no one truth. Believe it or not.

    Do a short study via Wikipedia and see all of the variations of the potential meanings of the word truth, there are many kinds and variations, so beware of statements, such as those from your Religion which claim a “one and only” truth as being “THE TRUTH”.

    Only THE TRUTH will set you FREE … do not fool yourself, let alone seek to fool others, concerning “your” version of truth, if there is little or no real love associated with truth then it is not of the highest truth. Truth~Love when you get right down to it, GOD is LOVE, GOD is TRUTH, God(s) and/or gods are but lesser versions of the highest.

    It is small wonder that “believers” will turn against each other in the end, to the degree that one has any fear about their standing in their faith they will find fault in others who profess a same or similar faith that disagrees with theirs, doubt engenders fear and fear leads to friction. One with highest truth olds no fear and thus is not involved with friction. If and when you hold the highest truth in recognizing the True Spirit of GOD with-IN, the Christ Spirit that Jesus the man came to know, you will then not quarrel with others about such things … True Story! IMnsHO and E.