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  1. You write, “As we choose our leaders in government, they too have a world view that falls somewhere within the above continuum between Augustine and Pelagius. And, that world view will most definitely influence their decisions regarding policies that govern a nation. As such, I believe it’s an important ingredient in our choice of leaders to have some idea what their spiritual influences might be.”

    First, we do not choose ‘leaders’; we elect representatives; SERVANTS. Read the U.S. Constitution; We The People “do ordain” government and in that law, we create, define and limit the offices of our servants. When, pray tell, were you ever LED by a person in public office?

    Secondly, there is a manifest difference in political economy between a ‘nation’ and a republic. For a quick lesson on the civics (and the form of government that We The People guarantee to the States, as we stipulate in Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution) see this article:

    Thirdly, I have met and worked beside many brethren in the so-called ‘Reformed’ faith. But what I have never found among that most erudite, prolix and pugilistic species* is a man who actually DOES ANYTHING beyond his study, a coffee klatch, or a beer hall. A more unrepentant knot of argumentative blockheads I have never seen, in all the panoply of religious franchises.

    (*If they can find no one outside the faith with whom to argue on a given day, they will spark an argument among themselves. The ‘Reformed’ species can carry on a withering argument longer than any other religious sect. It is a sport inculcated from callow youth and practiced unto the veriest dotage.)

    Other than that, you’ve got a pretty good article here. I doubt that Christ would approve the Calvinist franchise-talk, for Calvin is great where he is merely reiterating Scripture, which is often. But he’s disastrous when he digs his own furrows. But I’m sure you mean well. I never met a ‘Reformed’ fellow who didn’t mean well. Or Muslim, for that matter. Or Hindu. Or Animist. Or…

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