Quotations concerning the Separation of Church and State — 1 Comment

  1. It is terrible to experience a nation who has been chosen by God to uphold His word, experience His blessings, enjoy freedom as no other society has experienced, to fall from grace into such a cesspool of those who wish to impose man’s corruption of greed, power and lack of wisdom and drag A nation under God and His direction of wisdom down to a level below those Nations that has proceeded us. It should be an example of man’s failed wisdom of self direction and self rule, that has left us a legacy of man with basic knowledge and witness of a history of failure and absence of Godly direction, and is relegated into the flames of failure. These men are men of corruption, destroyers of good, possessed with power and greed that has corrupted them absolutely. The evidence to impose their corrupt and evil, sadistic attempt from hell to relegate history to repeat it’s self once more with the destruction of and corrupted by depraved men, the greatest Nation on the face of the earth that plainly is the evidence of God’s guidance, to send it down to the bowls of hell in defeat. I say NO, not now, NOT EVER!
    God is still waiting for the Church to obey 2nd Chronicles 7: 14. Christian are you willing to stand up and be accounted for?