The Separation of Church and State — 4 Comments

  1. My comment “is waiting moderation.” Is there any respect for the First Amendment of the US Constitution here?

    • I absolutely respect and hold in high regard the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Read some of the articles I’ve posted regarding that topic.

  2. The U.S., or “state” today is nothing like it was when the founding fathers assured the separation of church and state in the constitution. In today’s America the Christian religion has been hi-jacked by a greedy, corrupt, self-serving corporate state. In today’s America the right wing’s brand of Christianity is little more than practicing and serving the love of money.

    Bush & Company not only know about 9/11 in advance, but assisted in numerous ways. They, the corporate state, attempted to deceive America and the world into war by lying and fear-mongering. The right winged “Christians” at the helm blatantly ignored and hid accurate and true intelligence reports, and fabricated their own false intelligence reports. Those proclaiming their alleged Christianity the loudest were generally the most easily and thoroughly deceived. The acclaimed words of Christ that any and ALL of them could have and should have read very clearly do NOT support them, their actions, or even their claims that they’re Christian.

    These are facts that can and should be known to all, and those facts can be verified by simply reading the words of Christ and about His life and death as written in the four gospels. So, why do right wing “christians” say and do so much the opposite of Christ while proclaiming their exclusivity with Christ?

    Apparently, or perhaps more accurately, self-evidently…, the separation of church and state equates to serving two masters, which Christ said that no man can do. Christ also explained why no man can serve two masters, and therein lies the right wing of Christianity in the USA. They claim to be Christians, but they talk and walk the opposite that Christ talked and walked. Instead, they serve material greed and gain, deception, violence, war…, A.K.A. MAMMON.

    They claim that only God can judge. They claim that only God has the right to take life.
    Then they themselves judge, condemn, and execute…, inherently claiming through their own words and ways that they either are God, or just as good as God.

    I am a Christian, and I am DISGUSTED by the right wing “christians” in America.

    • I agree with most of what you say with the exception of lumping together Christianity and Politics (“right wing”). They do not equate. Not all Christians even associate themselves with a political party and certainly not all those in a political party associate themselves with Christianity. I agree many Christians are deceived by the State and it’s my hope and mission with the Jeremiah Project to wake them from that slumber.