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  1. Greg, you are absolutely correct! With 48 years of evangelism ,a pastor and teaching I couldn’t agree with you more.
    The church today is a business that counts evidence of growth as proof of their faithfulness, but to what? A compromised doctrine,by human appeal,worldly teaching compromising, the truth of the Word of God by human theology,Man’s reasoning and man’s corrupted knowledge. “Tickling the ears,” This WILL tickle the ears but will send untold millions to hell.Their false teaching is accepted mostly without true understanding of God’s word, but is accepted without question, believing the teachings and sermons without question.
    Seminaries today put more importance on business management than the word of God.
    The word of Gd requires each christian “Study to show themselves approved unto God, a Workman rightly dividing the Word.”
    I find This site is a excellent place for Christians to refer to hear the unadulterated truth. personally I refer others to this site simply because it informs, teaches,exposes and builds one up.

  2. I read my Bible daily, and each time I am more n more fascinated. I like going right to the source (Jesus), like you wrote, instead of some yayhoo,sugar coating pastor. I have never seen the word Catholic, methodist, presbyterian, mormon,etc.,in the bible.I think most are just a form of modern day pharisees. But even worse than the original religious leaders who rejected Christ, these modern day religious leaders use His name for their own benefit, and not for His glory. The word church is a people in Christ I thought, at least That is what I understand it to mean in the bible. The word Christian was coined by the Greeks,meaning believers, in Antioch when Paul and Barnabas went there.Today the word Christian seems to mean (a self righteous cult,who are above and better than others).I feel these so called Christians actually push people away from Christ. Today church seems to mean a building,which to me, turns it into a business instead. Goodness gracious,how man can really mess things up. Another thing,, Jesus even had Peter go pay taxes for themselves, so why don’t these businesses acting as a religion pay taxes? I believe who ever is against religion actually stands with Christ. To me, religion is a man made act that contradicts God. I
    would like to see every building called a church, be sold,and the money go to feed and house the poor. Not one person would starve ever again. That would seem to resemble the Church as Jesus intended.I guess I just have a hard time with how satan influenced the human race, and what they turned the true church into. Scripture of Jesus with the samaritan woman at the well, and Jesus telling the rich man to sell all, give to the poor, and follow Him are mostly what compelled me to express my feelings. I don’t mean to seem so harsh,,It’s just been on my mind and frustrating me lately, and coming across your site, made me want to speak out. I have only read a few your pages so far, I really like what you’re saying, and will continue reading.

    • This is the first and only comment that I have read here and because of what you have noted about far too many Christians (so-called) that actually push others away and sully the name of Christ in doing so … I was an agnostic for over 50 years and because of my experiences with religious family and friends who occasionally talked the talk (even getting the talk wrong most of the time) but were outright hypocrites about the rest of it, I never wanted to be like them and thus pretty much rejected religion as I then knew it. So when in later life @ the age of fifty-something (I am 80 now) coming out of midlife depression due to all of the lying in the world from every kind of leadership, secular as well as religious, I had almost given up … but then, like what turned Saul into Paul, I was “struck” by the Love/Light/Truth and acceptance that was beyond any ordinary understanding … I then knew myself to be “Spiritual” but for sure not religious, well, at least not Religious. Subsequently, I sought better understanding of, and by, Christians as I wanted the fellowship … but I found that everywhere I turned, their thinking and acting placed me more akin to the antiChrist in their minds, if not Satan himself. Because I felt that I had some natural thoughts based upon my experience that were closer to the New-Agers at the time, that seemed to place me headed for Hell according to them, because that was the destination for us, according to my scripture spouters. Very little Love (if any) and a lot of condemnation, to the degree that I never bothered to open-up to any of them as it being just a waste of my time, though they would have felt impowered to put me down I suspect. … I was always sort of liberal leaning personally, and even a bit so politically back then and thought there was far more truth coming out of Liberal Main Stream Media then there was from FOX as I actually hated O’Reilly and Hannity, not to mention their “token” Lib that was programed to be hated as they could use him so as to claim “Fair-and balanced” … Anyway, I knew then and since confirmed so many times, that via my Spiritual Awakening I had been effectively “Baptised via Fire” while theirs had been via mere water, with ice-cubes in it at that. Way too much thinking in the churchy that they are better than others when so often it is the other way around. IMnsHO and E so far.

      PS … I almost forgot, in the last almost five years, and more so all of the time, I have come to appreciate the truths in the claims of Right-wing Conservative Christians that the Liberal side was going to Hell and trying to take evryone with them. The politics for the last 4 years have been so full of evil lying in hating Trump and trying to get everyone else to do so that it almost makes me sick! We need to find a way back to the intended meanings of our founding principles via our Constitution and Bill of Rights etc. before it is too late … it seems that it may be already so … many folks are relying on Trump to pull the rabit out of the hat but I am afraid that he is just “one of Them” as both Parties dance to the same singular Evil drummer …

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