The New Age Agenda — 1 Comment

  1. So much misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the institutionalized (and long ago corrupted) “official” message of Christianity … repeated ad-nausea by the supposed “saved” … saved, I might ask, from what? The truth of truth actually.

    Those that think that way will find themselves in the company of other like-thinkers, only too late will they wake up to the terrible downside of that which will by then have trapped them into the clever tricks of the One being they claim to despise, the one who is leading them down that path all along due to their preference for dualistic judgemental-ism and hatred (based upon fear) of others

    I could go on and on explaining the error of such thoughts but it would do nothing more than entrench those with that thinking ever more deeply so. In the end we each and all get just what we deserve, you might equate that to “judgement” but I see it as ‘karma” in the end they amount to the same thing, justice!

    IMnsHO and E. (+=-)>(+/-)

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