A Christian Patriot Action Plan to Resist the New World Order — 15 Comments

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  3. Iran did not have a democratically elected prime minister in 1953. In fact, Iran was a constitutional monarchy where the king appointed the prime minister and had the power to dismiss him. The king dismissed him when Mossadegh started taking some unconstitutional measures that also led him to lose support in parliament, but Mossadegh refused to step down. In the days that followed riots broke out instigated by Iran’s Moscow-backed communist party, the Tudeh. This is what sparked what was simplistically and intentionally dubbed as the 1953 coup, which in fact was a mixture of popular uprising against anarchy and communist takeover and the intervention of the military to stop the armed rebels. Assistance from abroad came for both sides: the rebels were assisted with arms and money from Moscow and those who were defending the monarchy and the constitution received mostly financial help from the US though there is controversy as to the extent and effectiveness of the help that came from the US.

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    The first step to victory over the treasonable and genocidal WB OWO Bilderberg Khazars acting ritualistically in defiance of the Highest Power, God, is our clearing ourselves. We have to stop ingesting sodium fluoride with a water filter as the Conspiracy has continued to use its Materia Medica provings of docility and irresponsibility. They have promoted that which is harmful as also cane sugar(unlike fruit sugar) which causes diabetes, drugs as marijuana to create confusion and haphazard behavior and thinking, opium from the Golden Triangle in solution in the paper of the cigarettes, and in electronic cigarettes, the most addictive narcotic to make us emotionally broken down wimps for the taking door-to-door and execution, cocaine, even alcohol has never been for our recreation or pleasure but for our door to door overthrow with far less resistance. So also food additives which create disease and aluminum nonstick(lymphatic cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer), MSG(brain lesions migraines), and with the abductions of children and abandonment of POWs to create family apathy and disabling depression as a backdrop for emasculation. They plan to take away all of our pleasures as TV games, pizza, wings, and suds which they use as a diversion only now.
    This is not a political or government fight so stop being indifferent, they have tried to go door-to-door on us with 70 1-mile square starvation cyclone fence pens with double concertina wire rolls, across the U.S.(2 in AZ). How do we get motivated? When we see finally that they stepped over the line attacking the most helpless youngest of His Creation abducting children off the streets into the pedophile prostitution program, porn, and satanic sacrificial rites for the youngest, undermined their education dumbing them down so that they cannot find profession, encouraged our kids to deal in drugs and sex at the schools just to have quick money(no wonder they are suicidal) and their subliminals in music calling them to kill themselves…
    In 1991 they forced all State National Guards to Kuwait including the entire Fourth Armor Division and brought in 320,000 Communist soldiers at our expense(Fort Dix, Fort Campbell, White Plains Armory) and over 1,000 tanks on our RR flatcars to all major cities to go door-to-door on us taking us out to remote “dissident” pens. Only the alert German-non-Communist Soviet-non-Communist Chinese military intelligence stopped them from taking us away by building temporary bases in AZ, NM, TX, south of the Border, and north of the Canadian border(all State legislatures apprised, shocked). All Europe and Scandinavia know that what we are hearing about President Putin and Chancellor Merkel are all lies. The same free Moral Alliance also backed Pres. Obama throwing away $4T for the Bilderbergs to create a global financial crash with DNA(implant) Debit Card Cashless society to follow. These sick people are drunk with power over people and have killed over 2B since May 1, 1976 with gene-spliced virus contaminated inoculations(school children!) around the globe, secretly carpet-bombed killing over 2 million women and children in So. Iraq nowhere near the battlefield in 1991(“big embarrassment” for Intl Red Cross), 2 million door-to-door in Argentina in 1978, and 350,000 in Latin America early 1980s as verified by physicians, and finally 3.5 million in Laos and Cambodia for their “depopulation program.” They will not stop until we wake up, stand up, and say “no more” and take intelligent counter-action(their biggest fear) based on higher awareness. When you are clear-headed and spiritually responsible we will share all with you on the onslaught and how to overcome.
    We asked Him in the 1960s to take us Home from this cruel world, and He countered unexpectedly with, “(stop clutching that Good Book and doing nothing and)Rescue My Children who are crying out to me(God) for help.” When you are clear-headed I will share all the details of that incredible experience.

    • Thank you for all of this information. Here is the game plan…all Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ get on the SAME PAGE regarding what gospel to preach, then preach it: John 3:3-5 = Acts 2:38(Matthew 16:18,19); Galatians 1:8,9
      Confirm this everlasting gospel in Acts (the book where the ACTion is, the book where people ACTually got saved)
      Acts 2:38 is the key verse of salvation in the entire Bible and one of the most overlooked. Confirm the plan of salvation -you MUST be born again is Acts 2:38 in Acts 8:12, 15-18; Acts 9:17-18; Acts 10:44-48; Acts 16:15-33; Acts 19;1-6; Acts 22:16
      Jesus paid it all. All to Him I owe. Sin had left a crimson stain. Jesus washed it white as snow. PREACH the WORD!!!

  8. We need to network to resist the reptilian OWO takeover and imminent invasion.
    The Awareness Society
    Global Technical Advancement & Security Consultants
    Magnetics Research Institute
    Institute of Natural Healing
    -an aerospace engineer, homeopathic medical doctor

  9. if u wonder about God plan like u state above…
    Then clearly U dont Know anything about him
    our Father in heaven
    is crying at how wicked, lost, and evil his creation MAN
    And yet …his own son he sent to earth…died a horrific death
    Was buried…rose up alive 3 days later
    Christs blood was shed so our sins forgiven
    And…even up to the last moments before he return

  10. Hi I’m Regis. greatly explained so are we now to believe Trump is the one who will create the New world order and religion with him being god. He has the charm, knowledge how to bargain and from what I see as much as i Like him he has very shrewdly put 2 bills into motion that would definitely make the wealthy much greater and with clauses like after 2 years we will see premiums go down, but first they will go up 15-30%. Taxes go down for everyone. Middle class and poverty will not gain anything with ins. hikes. In the meantime the wealthy get a win win deal. By that time Trump may have seduced the leaders of the world one way or another.
    Problem here is we can physically live without everything but food and water. Russia holds 33% of worlds drinking water and China is now the worlds leading producers of food. So who is supposed to march against Israel. They will come from the North. All they need now is for the USA to crumble. Isn’t it bothering anyone how that is happening now. 40+% evil known as liberals jamming more evil each day and stopping Trump who we hope was going to help us to do anything but what they wanted. We back out of NATO we are on our own against Russia and ASIA. WE are good but not that good. Financial collapse is already well on its way to being world wide. Wall Street will fall. WHOA to that mystery Babylon for in one hour it shall fall. Only GOD can save us and I pray he takes the children quickly.

    One more evil thought coming. We are going to eat our own babies and drink their blood to stay young and healthy. I really wonder just how much love GOD has for us to let his only begotten son die such a horrible death.

  11. This is an outstanding comprehensive plan; and one which I have personally been fortunate enough to fully embrace for many years. I have been actively fighting the NWO for decades, and I have accumulated thousands of subscribers to my topical email lists; so I just sent this article’s link to two of my primary lists, one being Christians, and the other Americans. I encourage them to take the time to read this. Thank you for writing.

  12. Focal Point with Bryon Fischer talked about this on the radio show yesterday (2/02/17).

  13. I just wanted to say this is the best site on the mark of the beast, new world order, and the last days. You did a wonderful job. Keep up the good work and hang in there. I am ready to starve it out.