Can the Bible be Trusted? — 2 Comments

  1. This is just a preaching post. It in no way answers the question. The bible is NOT inerrant. The truth is it contains many errors and is created from other religions. It has been altered, copied, translated into other languages, altered again copied again yada yada. It is NOT gods word. It is man’s word!

  2. You will never be free until you know the truth … and the truth of truth is that there is never one truth other than the statement of “there is never one truth short of GOD and all other truths have their equal but opposite” … therefore, dream onto your worst nightmares until that realization.

    The Basic Equation of Truth, BET, is that Positive (+) Equals (=) Negative (-) i.e. (+=-) … and that Equation denotes that for every Equal there is an Opposite, that the very closest that anything can be the same is via it’s exact opposite … which in a UNIverse does most assuredly exist.

    Evil has succeeded into placing most of us into a state of Duality where we think in terms of Opposites and Extremes of Polarization based upon Positive (+) (good) has no viable alternative (middle ground) other than Negative (-) (bad), thus we think in terms of extremes based upon FEAR of the Negative which overpowers our LOVE of the Positive which places us out of Balance …

    (+=-)>(+/-) IMnsHO and E so far …