Demonstrating the Hegelian Dialectic Applied to Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic — 7 Comments

  1. The TRUE Hegelian Dialectic is seldom realized because it JUST IS the Basic Equation of Truth (BET) expressed as (+=-) … and everyone (almost)would deny it.

    Those that would control us from the shadows with their conquest for power derivable from their wealth which they have achieved from their deviousness, take the Truth of the Hegelian Dialectic of (+=-) and turn it against us by “perverting” it into their own tool. They know the truth of (+=-) and being perverse by nature invert everything to the opposite of what it really is, in doing so truth becomes lies and good becomes bad, whatever They claim, it has to be, that is the nature of Their lived reality. That “reality” is seen in the expression of our Main Stream Media (MSM) 24/7 as They attempt to keep “their flock” in check and “on Their side” through outright lying and all kinds of perversions of truth claimed to be what it is not.

    “Problem, Reaction, Solution” as “used” by Them is as said in the above post, Problem concocted by Them, presented to us knowing that we will demand from Them (as our “protectors”) a Solution … that being our Reaction predictive by Them and being in total just what They wanted and Planned for us all along, especially prior to the Problem. Truth being that They have broken the Dialectic down into a Binary Dualism (+/-) as They have “secretly” (deviously)retained the truth of the (=) as They have “twisted” it to “serve themselves” as the Gods that They prefer to think that They are. If and when we learn of that particular act as having been planned against us, it will have been too late to do anything about it. It will thus be soon forgotten because They will have by then concocted more of the same to occupy our minds as it is all done again and again to us with us being locked into our duality (+/-) always blaming each other (by plan) for our problems, never realizing the truth that we could remedy by getting together and addressing our common problem, Them.

    GOD (Who IS TRINITY IN UNITY (+=-)) expresses through “His/Her”(+), as Spirit (=), to creation (mankind in this case) being (-). ALL together as (+=-) … [Christian like, as Father (+), Son (-) Jesus (and us when we connect), INterconnective via the Holy Spirit (=)].
    (+=-) BET.

    GOD is thus NEUTRAL in that THROUGH the HOLY SPIRIT He/She ALLOWS EVERYTHING, from all (+) to (=) Nothing (-), with true Justice being called Karma, it being the result of the Golden Rule of “Do unto Others as You would have done unto You”, aka “What goes around comes around” based also upon the concept of: “What you Plant You will Reap” … most people do not think in terms of time beyond their own lives, where time is in actuality an Eternity containing other “life” potentials and relationships, in which the greater picture does work out … Our world Controllers know all of this but They also know that They are beyond redemption (so They think, but not the case) so They have created a relationship with what we would call The Devil or Satan, Lucifer being Their God and what They want to be just alike.

    Be Ye NOT CONFUSED between TRUTH (+=-) and The Lie of (+/-) … the former is NATURAL and the latter is UN-Natural. IMnsHO and E so far.

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  4. with some critical thinking in mind, this pandemic is new and not over by far, so the writing of this article is premature, and predictive at best. the government is fumbling through this which makes it easily viewable as a H-dialectic. lets just see a year from now if the H-dialectic has been applied.

    • Yes Sherlock, it is still too early to tell what they have planned for this crisis. This article is mostly predictive and I’m sure in a year from now we will know the solution.

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  6. I do believe this Corona Virus and all the disinformation about it being feed to the populations is nothing other than the elite trying their hand on the NWO plans or they are actually implementing the 1st stages of it. It is past time for the population masses to rise up against these murderers that are playing God and prosecute them for their actions. One good thing about all this though is if they do get their way and start to kill off the population, then Jesus will return as He said in the bible. He said, if those days were not shortened no flesh would survive, but for the sake of the elect ( God’s people ) those days will be shortened. Time is flying !