Demonstrating the Hegelian Dialectic Applied to Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic — 5 Comments

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  2. with some critical thinking in mind, this pandemic is new and not over by far, so the writing of this article is premature, and predictive at best. the government is fumbling through this which makes it easily viewable as a H-dialectic. lets just see a year from now if the H-dialectic has been applied.

    • Yes Sherlock, it is still too early to tell what they have planned for this crisis. This article is mostly predictive and I’m sure in a year from now we will know the solution.

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  4. I do believe this Corona Virus and all the disinformation about it being feed to the populations is nothing other than the elite trying their hand on the NWO plans or they are actually implementing the 1st stages of it. It is past time for the population masses to rise up against these murderers that are playing God and prosecute them for their actions. One good thing about all this though is if they do get their way and start to kill off the population, then Jesus will return as He said in the bible. He said, if those days were not shortened no flesh would survive, but for the sake of the elect ( God’s people ) those days will be shortened. Time is flying !