Who are responsible for the rise in violence and moral decay of our society? — 3 Comments

  1. Yes,a men and a men! There must come a time that we as Americans, grandparents, moms and dads that love our country stand up and be accounted for It is not Hillary’s village, (government},we see the results of “the Village, Government”) destruction of our children. We are reaping the results of what we allowed to be sowed. Jesus told us “we reap what we sow” The evidence is all around us today adults, young adults,teenagers and younger.. the proof of the destruction of our society is all around us. We need a grass roots movement to grow and say no more, replace these profession politicians with those that have wisdom and Christian values un do and correct the destruction of our society.

  2. When the truth of scripture is removed from any household, school, institution of learning, it will mark the beginning of decay from within. In general and perfected through the movies, the respect that should be established between parents and children is not there at all. It’s not the children’s fault either, the fathers have abandoned their role in leadership of the home and looked for a way of escape from responsibility elsewhere. Mother’s have logged into a system that either will totally absorb their moral compass or lead them to further dilemma. This lifestyle has accelerated in society as the political leaders have ebb and flowed away from the truth and pulled the greater population with them. If America is ever going to be world leaders in anything that counts, bring the Bible back into places of learning. The church has failed through compromising the truth of Christ and also must stand in accountability.

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